Nikos en larmes, son triste hommage à Florent Pagny victime du cancer

Nikos in tears, his sad tribute to Florent Pagny cancer victim

Nikos Aliagas and Florent Pagny have been friends for a very long time. Faced with the announcement about the inoperable tumor in the lung of the latter, the Franco-Greek presenter of The Voice could not fail to pay him a vibrant tribute.

The exceptional course of Nikos

Nikos Aliagas is a figure well known to the French public. It has been almost thirty years since he began his career! What is less known is that he was born in France and never lived in Greece! Indeed, Nikos Aliagas was born to a Greek father who emigrated to France. It was there that he met his future wife, and together they have little Nikolaos.

However, the presenter did not take French nationality until he came of age. He mastered 5 languages, which opened the doors to the continuous news channel Euronews in 1993. In 1998, the general public discovered him on Christine Bravo’s program “Union Libre”.

Nikos Aliagas then becomes a key figure in the French audiovisual landscape by presenting a new show concept: “Star Academy”. He became a star, just like the winner, Jenifer. After 7 seasons of the show, he co-hosts 50 minutes inside alongside Sandrine Quétier, as well as many other shows. Here it has become simply essential on TF1! Since 2012, Nikos Aliagas has been at the helm of The Voice, the talent show that replaces Star Academy on the first channel, and success is still there. And it is not likely to stop anytime soon!

Florent Pagny, suffering from cancer

As you probably know, Florent Pagny suffers from a lung tumor. Last January, the singer announced the bad news on social networks. It’s a real blow for the man who celebrated his 60th birthday last November. He began treatment with chemotherapy and X-rays to overcome the disease.

Even knowing that he is sick and undergoing chemotherapy right now, fans couldn’t help but react and be surprised when they saw his new look! Indeed, Florent Pagny appeared with a completely bald head, for the United for Ukraine special evening, broadcast on France 2, following his treatment.

Our colleagues from the magazine Public are “able to say that the 5 centimeter tumor that was lodged in his lungs has already halved”. A progress that must be welcomed for the singer. This proves that his treatment works wonders. Florent Pagny does not seem to suffer from many side effects related to his illness. Although he suffers from chronic fatigue, he does not suffer from vomiting or loss of appetite.

Nikos and Florent Pagny, old friends

Nikos Aliagas and Florent Pagny did not meet on the set of “The Voice”. Far from there ! Their friendship spans more than two decades. In his television debut, Nikos was offered to present Star Academy. The show was truly revolutionary at the time. It was the first TV show to incorporate reality TV, a genre that had appeared in France only a year earlier with Loft Story.

And the sponsor of this very first edition, which Jenifer won, was none other than Florent Pagny. Two decades later, Nikos is now at the helm of The Voice, and reunited with his lifelong friend. But also Jenifer and Nolwenn Leroy!

When Nikos Aliagas learned about Florent Pagny’s cancer, he was very shocked. In a documentary in his honor that aired on TMC, he said:

“Florent is a friend, he was the godfather of Star Ac’, he was always there and I have never forgotten him. The only thing I wish for him is to end this story. We are all by his side. »

Nikos then speaks directly to his friend through the camera:

“We love you Florent”. A beautiful friendship as we see too rarely…”

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