Open Source is the origin and the future of information technologies

Open Source is the origin and the future of information technologies


Who remembers that in the 60s of the first computers delivered with the source codes of all the software and the operating system? Who would have thought in 1998, when the Open Source movement was born, that 80% of the source code for applications of all categories would be Open Source in 2022 (source Gartner)? And that the Github platform would bring together more than 73 million active contributors? If some maintain old myths and dream of seeing it disappear in favor of more restrictive models, Open Source displays an insolent health.

At the heart of major issues in terms of economics, sovereignty, security and ethics As the CNLL (National Free Software Council) reminds us, it is now attracting governments as well as computer and web giants (IBM and RedHat, Microsoft and GitHub).

Resolutely modern, free software in the 80s and then Open Source at the end of the 90s, were founded on values ‚Äč‚Äčthat shake society today. He did not wait for the awakening of consciences to advocate the collaborative and participative economy, it is his very essence. The Open Source community is both the beneficiary and the architect of the tool: each improvement or bug fix brings real added value and the entire ecosystem is strengthened. A virtuous circle in which the common good is not an empty word!

Open Source did not have to rethink its entire model due to data security concerns or the advent of GDPR: the transparency of open code is the best bulwark against security breaches and data ownership guarantees enhanced confidentiality.

Inclusive par excellence, Open Source offers a robust solution freely accessible to all but also a window of expression for developers around the world and from all walks of life! Contributing to Open Source software is an opportunity to put your stone to the building of ambitious projects, to show and promote your expertise, learned or acquired. Open Source doesn’t care about CVs, training or origins, it only sees talents… and solutions.

But the virtues of Open Source don’t stop there. From a purely technical point of view, choosing Open Source also means turning to the promise of a code that is continually improved to offer superior solidity and performance to any proprietary software. Open Source software is neither more nor less than permanently upgraded software: in short, living code! You can invest as much as you want in SaaS software, there will always be a final cost. While the more we invest in Open Source software to improve them, the more value we create for the project, the company and the users.

This is why it is crucial, today more than ever, to guarantee the sustainability of the Open Source model and to continue to make it grow by joining forces to structure a powerful collective. This is the meaning of our commitment to co-founded organizations that carry the ambition of an Open Source world such as the PHP Foundation, OW2 and Because Open Source is a model for the future and probably the only one, we are proud to carry its colors loud and clear for an ever more open web.