Rudy Gobert has been officially presented by the Wolves!

Rudy Gobert has been officially presented by the Wolves!


Exit the Jazz tunic, Rudy Gobert is now a Wolf! It was also presented yesterday at a press conference by Tim Connelly and Chris Finch, respectively director of basketball operations and coach of Minnesota. Motivation and humour, here are the two key words to describe this short half-hour of exchange with the journalists. Of course, TrashTalk invited itself into the live YouTube chat to set the fire, in Nelson Monfort mode.

There are many things to take away from this introductory press conference for Rudy Gobert at Wolves, which is normal since he is one of the major players in the league. First thing to note? Much gratitude to the Jazz. Logical until then because it was the franchise that gave him the opportunity to become someone in the NBA. Second reason for recognition? The fact of having sent him to a team that will play for the final victory next year. We all know Roudi’s competitive spirit, so it’s quite easy to imagine his frustration if he had been sent to a place where the plan is not to win immediately. About the boy’s acclimatization to Minneapolis? The latter is confident. Already, it looks like Utah in terms of living environment, that is to say nature everywhere around the city. It’s less hilly, but it allows you to recharge your batteries in the same way between matches if necessary. Minny fans? Oh, Rudy explains that he has captured their determination in nine years of reading them in his Twitter mentions.

To succeed in being dangerous against the current NBA cadors that are the Warriors, NetsCeltics, Suns etc… it will also be necessary for the adaptation of the Gob’ to be done well, and quickly. Thereupon, it was Chris Finch – Wolves coach – who was expected at the turn. At the same time, quite daring to want to associate Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert on paper. Luckily, that won’t be a problem for Finch. Why ? Well KAT recently let it be known that he would like to be sent on the field as a power forward rather than a pivot. If we follow this logic, then there will indeed be no problem. Well, the trainer even goes a little further. For him, the offensive integration of Rudy will not be a real subject, since the complementarity of the profiles will make it quite easy.

We are talking about Gobert and Finch, but don’t forget that Connelly was also present at their side. Moreover, his remarks concerning the progress of the transfer are very interesting, especially at the time of making it clear how difficult it is to add such a big talent in his workforce. At the same time, it’s not easy in a league like the NBA to get such a big fish without leaving feathers in the process. Chance did things quite well, because it was a changing Utah team that got rid of the Gob’. The package to recover the pivot is of course reinforced concrete, but we must once again salute the performance of not having let go of any large element of the group – KAT, Anthony Edwards, D’Angelo Russell – to recover the boy. But why Rudy and not another?

“A few weeks ago we took stock of what we thought were top players, guys who made the difference. This list is very small, and fortunately some of these guys are already in our team. You know, being able to add a player of this caliber without having to let go of one in return is very rare… We were also lucky that Chris [Finch] also be excited to be able to add Rudy and get to work real quick to give us a taste of what it would look like. We realized during the discussions that we would not have many other opportunities to recover a player like that, in his prime. »

–Tim Connelly

Well now, Rudy Gobert is officially a Wolves player. Wow, this sentence is weird when you read it, don’t you think? In any case, we will have to get used to it since with such a team, Minnesota should be a lot of talk from next season.

Source: Minnesota Timberwolves (YouTube)

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