Stormfront Could Be Homelander's Mother, The Stomach-Turning Theory

Stormfront Could Be Homelander’s Mother, The Stomach-Turning Theory


The theories about The Boys are numerous, and in particular since the series does not follow the history of the comics on many points. The adaptation of Eric Kripke is very successful according to the collective opinion, although we do not always know what the latter has in store for us in terms of surprises. And justly, the origins of Homelander might just be one of the series’ biggest twists.

WARNING: this article contains spoilers concerning the first seven episodes of season 3 of The Boys. Do not continue reading if you do not want to read it.

Homelander’s parents

Warning, the spoiler starts here. Soldier Boy (the character played by Jensen Ackles) is Homelander’s father, as revealed in the very last moments of season 3 of The Boys. And a theory, maintained by Internet users since season 2, a growing fan theory suggests that Stormfront could be his mother. Homelander is introduced to the audience with an American story completely made up by Vought indeed. However, flashbacks in the series reveal to us that Homeland’s childhoodr was, in fact, much more traumatic, since the young Supe was raised in a laboratory.

What is still partially unknown, this is how it was created. Season 3 of The Boys revealed that Soldier Boy donated the semen used to father Homelander. But what about Stormfront? Well, Stormfront was introduced in Season 2, and she is one of the few Supers who can go up against Homelander. Incidentally, Stormfront was the first person to successfully inject Compound V. Incidentally, the Soldier Boy and Stormfront were both active Supes in the 60s and 70s. the theory gets interesting.

Oedipus syndrome at its peak?

The Reddit user known as “sinburger” points out that Homelander’s age roughly coincides with when Liberty (Stormfront’s former name) disappeared from public view, and his sudden appearance in Season 2 roughly coincides with the death of Madelyn Stillwelland the fact that Vought is desperately trying to find a surrogate mother who can channel maximum The protector.

If we follow the original idea of ​​the comics, Homelander could simply have been created en using his DNA. He would, after all, be perfectly in line with the Nazi ideas championed by Stormfront about creating the “perfect” Aryan superhero. Furthermore, and we have seen this in previous seasons, Homelander has a problem with his mother, issues that are represented by his relationship with Madelyn Stillwell, and his relationship to milk in general. Series The Boys could thus close the loop concerning the history of Homelander and of his strong Oedipus complex by making Stormfront, with whom he had an intimate and sexual relationship, his mother.

Series The Boys is known for its sordid themes, and indeed such a twist, however incestuous, is certainly within the realm of possibility. The theory is plausible but would be very detrimental to Homelander’s reputation if it were proven, and if it was revealed to the general public.

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