The best pastry chef: the professionals

The best pastry chef: the professionals


Direct M6 screen capture / The best pastry chef: the professionals

Too much originality kills originality! This is what some Internet users seemed to think who commented on this Thursday, July 7, 2022 The best pastry chef, the professionals. In question: a test that inspired associations of unappetizing flavors to the candidates. A twist that was reminiscent of another famous cooking show… But the twittos, they obviously want to return to the very gourmet DNA of the Best pastry chef.

For its third week of broadcast on M6, The Best Pastry Chef: The Professionals reserved two high-level events for the five remaining pairs: all of them first had to compete against the best worker in France Christophe Renou, while preparing a nature-themed cake, no mold or circle. The goal of all: to be ranked ahead of the leader in order to gain direct access to the next event. Between rolls with autumnal notes, gourmet undergrowth, chocolate raspberry-flavoured wooden log, meringue beehive, flower with chocolate petals, etc., there was no shortage of good ideas.

But it is without great surprise Christophe Renou who reaped the favors of the jury composed of Cyril Lignac and Christelle Brua. Its roll hoisted high thanks to a pastry decoration of branches seduced them both visually and tastefully. “Wow, that’s so good!” exclaimed among others Cyril Lignac with the spontaneity that we know him. No pair of competitors therefore finally won their place for the next round. The five duos all had to compete on a second test: the creation of a “cake unique in the world in taste and form”. To meet the challenge, the ten candidates first had to imagine their own mould.

They were inspired by the work of Dinara Kasko, a Ukrainian pastry chef and architect by training, known for creating original molds with geometric patterns. This one was also present under the tent of the Best pastry chef to supervise the event. Coming from the imagination of the candidates, the molds were specially created by a French silicone mold manufacturing company, using a 3D printer. Once these in their hands, the candidates could get down to creating a “unique” recipe. But if all dared to be original, some pushed the cursor a little further than the others:

Thus, Mailys and Monika have chosen to combine hazelnut with olive. And Virgilia and Julien to make an avocado-pineapple-Espelette pepper dessert. But their competitors Camille and Antoine, and Victor and Ludivine were more daring: while the former used three kinds of seaweed to prepare their green cake, the latter incorporated an oyster ganache and Pineau des Charentes in their cake in the shape of a drop of blood. Choices that made Cyril Lignac and Christelle Brua wince. The latter did not refrain from specifying that she “hated” oysters. What put more pressure on the pair of brother and sister.

On twitter, this proposal did not particularly charm Internet users. Some were even annoyed by this tendency of cooking shows to go ever further in strange associations for the “show”. While the original DNA of the Meilleur Pâtissier is to offer sweet and gourmet recipes, some have considered that it is getting closer and closer to the more “sensationalist” concept of Top Chef.

On the set, the jury paid the price during the tasting. “I pray to stay alive,” laughed Cyril Lignac before discovering the iodized cake. Before qualifying his remarks: “I am pleasantly surprised, after that it smells of oysters, it shakes up”… At the end of the tasting, it is surprisingly the seaweed cake by Camille and Antoine which was elected best achievement. “The cake was thoughtful” commented Cyril Lignac. How seaweed can, against all odds, find its place in pastry…

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