The big RMC Sport file (part 1)

The big RMC Sport file (part 1)


DOSSIER RMC Sport – In full light since his induction into PSG, Luis Campos has made a name for himself. But long before being the one who whispers in the ears of the powerful, the Portuguese has known several lives. That of teacher, educator, and especially that of trainer. A journey punctuated by ambitions and disappointments. RMC takes you in the footsteps of Mister Campos.

Luis Campos, his first life

According to his own words, Luis Campos has two passions: his family and football. From an early age, one led him to the other.

Deep. Like the rhythm of life led by Luís Campos. In Fão (pronounced “fawn”, with a southern accent), this is where it all began. The new adviser to the president of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, was born on September 6, 1964 in this seaside town in northern Portugal linked to the municipality of Esposende. There, the Campos family is a must. The father, Albino, was a teacher, principal of a local secondary school; the mom, Maria Cândida, had the heavy task of managing the home. In manager mode. Because at Casa Campos, we are eleven. The couple has nine offspring to manage: five girls and four boys. Including Luís Pedro Filipe Hipólito Reis Pedrosa Campos.

Albino who liked to tease the ball (he notably wore the colors of the neighboring club Gil Vicente) is also the parent of the Clube de Futebol de Fão. The stadium is located next to the family home and it is naturally here that Luís will push his first balloons. Soon, he will join the training of AD Esposende where he forges the reputation of a “scathing side”. A stubbornness that also characterizes him off the pitch.

“Our father was very strict on education, confides to Paulo Campos, one of Luís’ brothers and current president of CF Fão. I can tell you that his nine children all entered university.” Paulo and Luís enroll in Porto University to join the Instituto Superior de Educação Física. The famous ISEF professed by Jorge Castelo, Jesualdo Ferreira or Carlos Queiróz and that a certain José Mourinho also attended in Lisbon. Zé Mário and Luís got to know each other during the various training activities organized by the ISEF. They exchange their knowledge, impressions, information, sensations and become friends. They will embody, a few years later, the new generation of physical education teachers – specializing in football – to train in the Portuguese first division. Before that, Luís will have to go to the end of his course, mixing theory and practice. He trains the kids of AD Esposende (where he continues to tease leather), and gives PE lessons in schools in Esposende and Barcelos (which is why some people continue to call him “Professor”)…

Barely graduated, he joined the staff of Carlos Garcia. The former Braga and Campos midfielder have known each other since childhood. And when the first began his career as head coach with Espinho (then in the first division) at the end of the 1980s, he offered his friend to embrace this project. Like Mourinho (at the Estrela da Amadora), for his first experience in a professional team, Campos is entrusted with the physical preparation of the players. He is only 24 years old. At that time, few teachers officiated in professional groups and some coaches sought to rely on the physical, physiological but also tactical knowledge of these teachers. Luis no longer plays football, he shapes it. Espinho, however, lives a galley season. Garcia jumps but Campos continues with Amândio Barreiras, becoming his first assistant.

Young Luís lives his mission with passion. “He often got confused with the referees, laughs Barreiras. It was a disaster!” The duo will then continue to Leixões, in Leiria. And it is in the city of Lis that Campos will show off the main coach’s suit. A (long) stage of his career and his life, often unknown and that RMC invites you to (re)discover through archives, anecdotes and other testimonies.

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