The first Bistrot Top Chef opens this Friday in Suresnes

The first Bistrot Top Chef opens this Friday in Suresnes


Stéphane Rotenberg surrounded by former candidates from different seasons at the inauguration of the Bistrot Top Chef on Thursday evening. Alice Bosio / Le Figaro

WE WERE THERE – The amusement park-like address was inaugurated Thursday evening, in the presence of former candidates, journalists and guests of M6. The reservation book is already full.

“It’s the first Top Chef bistro in the world! welcomes all smiles, Stéphane Rotenberg, presenter of the culinary competition broadcast on M6 for thirteen years. On this Thursday evening, the eve of the official opening of the restaurant by the group Les Bistrots Pas Parisiens by Hakim Gaouaoui – around ten tables in the Hauts-de-Seine, headed by Norbert Tarayre -, whose host has been a shareholder since 2019 , a crowd of guests dressed in white was invited to celebrate the event.

After several ephemeral Top Chef restaurants (notably at the Alcazar in 2014), this “bistronomic” is designed to last and even, if successful, to multiply. His concept? Offer dishes prepared by former candidates during the show at affordable prices. “I had the chance to taste almost everything, our desire is to share these creations with as many people as possible.” explains Rotenberg. The starter-main course-dessert menu is charged at €39.90, with some premium dishes off the menu.

Eight candidates already on the menu

For the launch, customers will be able to taste the hake rillettes with candied lemon and spring onion, crunchy vegetable shavings and aioli from Coline Faulquier, Michelin-starred chef from Marseille (Signature) for season 7; pan-fried button mushrooms, mint coulis and Hollandaise with pralines from Victor Mercier, starred chef at Fief (Paris) seen in season 9; cold potato velouté with herbs, smoked potatoes in oil and haddock by Thibault Sombardier (season 5), at the head of several Parisian bistros; the raw flank steak, in tataki, marinated in ginger and soy, broth and straw potatoes from Belgian Arnaud Delvenne, season 13 finalist or even the vanilla, lychee, raspberry and rose pavlova from Camille Delcroix, chef from Bacôve (Saint -Omer), seen in season 9. In total, about fifteen recipes to choose from. In the coming months are announced Louise Bourrat (winner of season 13), Mohamed Cheikh (winner of season 12), the starred Baptiste Renouard and the troublemaker Merouan Bounekraf (season 10).

Impossible for the moment to say more about the quality of the dishes served since at the inauguration were offered… grilled meats, cheeses and charcuterie! “We have other dishes in stockhowever, explains the host, who has planned to go there every day this summer, before leaving for filming for Beijing Express at the start of the school year. The idea is to adjust according to what works, what is easy to send and what puts us in the juice!” Because if the former candidates have sent detailed technical sheets, the executive chef, a former Plaza, must prepare for hundreds of covers dishes imagined in a few copies for a competition! Some recipes have already been simplified for presentation. Eventually, the place is aiming for 250 seats, but will start by blocking at 100.

The entrance to the Bistrot Top Chef, formerly Macaille, in Suresnes. AB / Le Figaro

In terms of decor, the show’s card has been played to the full, giving the place the appearance of an amusement park dedicated to telecrochet: the toilets are hidden behind a fridge door, a black box, where customers can enjoy in the black and a pantry have been reconstituted, the knives of the verdict sit enthroned under a bell on the bar… A dive into the set in miniature version. Televisions have even been installed everywhere: “I stole that from Philippe Etchebest who uses this means to communicate with his teams when he is filming. I could encourage them that way.” explains the moderator. These screens can also be used to broadcast the next season of the show…

Announced at the beginning of June, the opening of the place is already generating considerable enthusiasm: 7,500 reservations have been recorded in three days, and the restaurant is full every evening until the end of July. “It is the most booked restaurant in all of France via TheFork, the only way to book. Our reservation system would not have held the charge!” enthuses Rotenberg. It remains to be seen whether all this audience will be as conquered as in front of their TV.

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