These 3 zodiac signs will have the best summer of 2022 of their lives and you will definitely see them shine.

Take off your fleece jacket, put on your most comfortable pair of flip flops and dance in the streets: it’s summer! Well almost.

Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year; it feels like the whole world (at least the northern hemisphere) is waking up from its nap and coming out of its hibernation. Everyone is less grumpy, the frozen ground is finally thawing and the days are getting longer, giving us more time to enjoy those sweet rays.

Even though summer isn’t here yet (I can’t wait), there’s a lot to be said for the magic of summer.

Along with the mildness of warmer weather and the tricky eclipses and retrogrades, astrological forecasts suggest that some of us may have a better summer than others this year. What are you going to do with this extra power that the universe lends you?

Even if your sign isn’t on this list, summer is an amazing time to reconnect with your personal power. Can you rekindle your zest for life? Try picking up a project, adopting your own unique style, and rekindling self-love. While I’m thrilled with the opportunities for all of us this year, these three zodiac signs are probably going to have the best summer ever. Go ahead!

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Shine brighter than usual!

Aries, you are obviously on this list. Early summer is Aries season, of course. Aries Season (from) is when you shine brightest, projecting your glorious fiery energy out into the world even brighter and stronger than usual. Expect to feel yourself, just…. amplified.

Summer 2022 is also the perfect time to enroll in that course you’ve been considering or start that business you’ve been dreaming about all winter long. Don’t be a stereotypical Aries, though; take advantage of this spring boost to go all the way with your project (no shading, we just know that you can easily get distracted by your best friends).

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Come out of hibernation.


The summers of 2022 seem like the perfect time to rid yourself of winter loathing, Libra (meaning: wash your damn sheets).

After a few months of contemplation, why not indulge in luxury in the summer? Find a local farmers market and buy the prettiest fruit you can find, or take a long walk to your favorite bakery and treat yourself to a pastry. Also be open to romantic opportunities, see me? Savor all that summer has to offer, and allow yourself to feel joy after what might have been a tough winter, baby.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)


Gemini season is SO much fun and certainly contributes to the magic you’re probably feeling around this time of year: everyone becomes more flirtatious and outgoing. Eclipses and retrogrades aside, there are some serious romantic and career opportunities this summer.

Soak up the sun with a picnic basket full of charcuterie and good company, and give yourself permission to enjoy life’s little comforts. Summer 2022 will be a good summer, love.

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