this streamer decides to slam the door when he learns that the association would be GoodPlanet

this streamer decides to slam the door when he learns that the association would be GoodPlanet


The 2022 edition of ZEvent is already starting to be talked about a lot on social networks, and the accusations continue to rain on social networks. A streamer planned in the teaser has just slammed the door upon learning of the association chosen for this new edition.

The 2022 edition of Zevent is already making a lot of noise

Zerator announced last July 4 the 2022 edition of ZEvent, which will take place from September 9 to 11. For this edition, more than 50 streamers must be live for a 50-hour marathon for the benefit of the GoodPlanet Foundationa “French foundation recognized as being of public utility, whose mission is to place ecology at the heart of consciences and to arouse the desire to act concretely for the earth and its inhabitants” :

You didn’t expect to see us again so soon, admit it.

Le #ZEvent2022 will take place from September 9 to 11!

More than fifty streamers are mobilizing for a 50-hour marathon for the benefit of the Foundation @GoodPlanet_ .

More info at:

July 4, 2022

Following this teaser, accusations of racism began to rain on social networks, accusations to which the organizers and the principals concerned, including Zerator, have already responded. Only here, after these first accusations, others appeared, concerning in particular l’association GoodPlanet.

it carries out its “climate” actions in part with TOTAL

July 7, 2022

And it is precisely for this reason thata streamer decided to slam the door.

TWO big streamers explain their absence

On Twitter, just yesterday, two streamers returned to their noticeable absence at ZEvent. First, Arkunir, who was present in the ZEvent 2022 teaserdecided to cancel its participation on learning that the association chosen by the 2022 edition was GoodPlanet. He says on Twitter:

Regarding the ZEvent:

July 7, 2022

Maghla, for his part, decided to respond immediately to a question from an Internet user asking why she would not participate in the 2022 edition. Here is his response:

I refused in relation to the association which did not suit me, I have not yet live since the announcement so I have not yet had the opportunity to express myself on it
Obviously remain respectful towards the zevent and the participants whatever your convictions a href=””>

July 7, 2022

These two streamers therefore both mentioned the same reason to explain their absence: l’association GoodPlanet, which is debated on social networks. In an attempt to calm things down, Zerator said on Twitter that he was going to set up an interview with members of the association before ZEvent 2022:

our duty as organizers to explain to you what YOUR money is going to be used for and why we think this year’s choice may be the right one for this last big ZEVENT on one of the most important themes of all humanity . Thank you for your confidence

July 6, 2022

This interview will therefore aim to clarify things, and to make it totally transparent, even upstream of the ZEvent, the donation process. It should be noted that each year, Zerator and its team strive to ensure that the chosen association acts in complete transparency to let donors know where does their money go. In addition, let’s also remember that this is a charity event, and that everyone must be able to give his opinion on the subject while respecting that of others. And if you want to know which Zerator and Joueur du Grenier event will organize before ZEvent 2022, you can consult our previous article on the subject.

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