Who is comedian Arthur Egloff accused of sexual assault?

Who is comedian Arthur Egloff accused of sexual assault?


What happened on July 28, 2017 during a birthday party organized in Brussels? This is the question that is at the heart of the investigation launched by the Parisian judicial police after a rape complaint filed at the beginning of the year by a young woman. According to our colleagues from Parisian/Today in Francethe alleged victim, who “ evolves in the artistic environment “, claims to have slept, after this very alcoholic birthday, at a “ old high school friend expat in belgian capital ».

A man who would, according to his testimony, imposed digital penetration as she slept. Waking up with a start, she would have violently pushed back “his attacker before” take refuge in the living room where she would have fallen asleep” before leaving the apartment in the morning. ” In her complaint, the declared victim claims to have been traumatized by this episode and realized that it was a rape thanks to therapy with a psychiatrist. Reason why she would have waited five years before filing a complaint “, write our colleagues.

The man she thus accuses of rape is none other than Arthur Egloff, one of the actors in the film I don’t give a fuck by Emmanuel Marre and Julie Lecoustre released last March at the cinema and bringing together professional and amateur actors. A feature film worn by Adèle Exarchopoulos who played a young flight attendant from a low-cost company, living an unattached existence between work and parties, who ends up losing her footing. Placed in police custody last June in Paris for “rape by a person in a state of intoxication”, Arthur Egloff would have “disputed any rape (…) acknowledging having tried a physical approach before giving up on seeing that she was not consenting “. Presented to the Paris prosecutor’s office on June 9, he was sent back to the criminal court for facts reclassified as “ sexual assault ». « The facts denounced are absolutely unfounded “, told our colleagues his lawyer Me Hector Lajouanie.

Arthur Egloff, who should be tried on December 2, embodies in I don’t give a fuck a young steward who, during an evening where alcohol and drugs are flowing, tries his luck with the heroin who quickly puts a rake on him: “ Remove your hand “. Aged 34, the French actor who lives most of the time in Belgium, evolves mainly in the middle of the theater. He writes and directs plays with Damien Chapelle. I don’t give a fuck is his first film. It was during a preview of the film in Brussels that accusations of sexual assault were publicly launched by “women present in the audience”. One of the spectators accused the comedian of having ” sexually assaulted several of her friends while a second woman introduced herself as a ” victim of Arthur Engloff”.

« For the time being, it is impossible to know if this case has a link with the accusations of sexual assault launched (…) during the preview “, precise The Parisian.

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