Berserk: are you a real fan of Kentaro Miura's manga?  Prove yourself with this Quiz before the release of Volume 41!

Berserk: are you a real fan of Kentaro Miura’s manga? Prove yourself with this Quiz before the release of Volume 41!


News culture Berserk: are you a real fan of Kentaro Miura’s manga? Prove yourself with this Quiz before the release of Volume 41!

Volume 41 of the work of Kentaro Miura has just landed in all bookstores. The fans were waiting for him impatiently since, as they are used to, the latter was long overdue, and not just a little. In France, the last volume was indeed published in April 2019. With all this waiting time, there is something to lose your memory a little. We therefore offer you a quiz to refresh your memory before contemplating the new boards of Berserk.


  • Berserk Volume 41: The End of the Miura Era
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Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Akira… There are many manga that have had a profound impact on the world of Japanese comics. Among them, there is one that can be elevated to the rank of a true masterpiece: Berserk. Few manga are able to sit at the same table as Kentaro Miura’s baby. With its dark universe which is not afraid to venture into the most despicable grounds (even if it means traumatizing the most sensitive), Berserk made the delight of dark fantasy lovers who are not afraid. Berserk is not in fact to put in all hands. The manga offers scenes of extreme violence and represents particularly disturbing acts. But apart from this particularly dark aspect, Berserk has another feature: it is a true work of art. Kentaro Miura’s work is as good as it is beautiful. So that Berserk is one of those manga that should not be discovered in anime. Berserk must be read in order to be able to appreciate the beauty of its boards which made the fame of the late Miura. Because yes, the series creator sadly passed away in May 2021, leaving thousands of fans as well as the manga world in mourning. But this tragic event does not mark the end of Berserk.

Berserk Volume 41: The End of the Miura Era

Volume 41 indeed includes the final chapter directed by Kentaro Miura. Available in Japan for a while now, the latter was released on July 6 in France. It will tell the reunion of our protagonist and Casca, but also the arrival of the imperial army of Griffith in the capital. It’s finally time to dive back into the world of Berserk and this for our great pleasure. And rest assured, the manga is not ready to say goodbye to us. For the rest, the mangaka has indeed entrusted the conclusion of his story to a close friend so that the latter can finalize his work. Despite his death, the manga will therefore be able to continue. It must be said that there is still a lot of things to clarify and the pre-publication magazine Young Animal has even promised to work hard to do it as soon as possible. The chapters will benefit from a particularly fast pace, with a release every two weeks. A choice that pleases some but worries others who are afraid to see the quality of the boards diminish. While waiting to see what it is (and to be able to perfect your collection), we suggest you test your knowledge of the manga.

Warning, this quiz spoils important elements of the first half of the story of Berserk. He focuses mainly on this part, as well as on the creation of the manga as such. If you haven’t read/seen Berserk, we can only recommend that you do so before venturing into this quiz. For the others, we wish you good luck!

Find our quiz here

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