Classification Rally Rouergue 2022 – Direct ES6


Before the last special of the day, Yoann Bonato leads in the general classification ahead of Quentin Giordano and Nicolas Ciamin.


Under a still present sun and on polluted roads, the first day of the 48th edition of the Rallye du Rouergue ended in Aveyron.

Leader since the first special, Yoann Bonato was able to maintain the pace at the forefront to maintain the advantage at the end of this first stage. Firmly hanging on in the lead, the resident of the CHL team nevertheless had several scares, including two contacts leaning against a pylon (SS5) then against an embankment (SS6). Faced with a Bonato forced to take risks but rewarded with four best times, Nicolas Ciamin delivered a good resistance. Slowed down by an unstable rear end in the morning, the Niçois reacted perfectly this afternoon by setting two fastest times and moving up to second place at 8″1. On the last step of the podium, Quentin Giordano signed a positive day. At 0″6 from Nancy, Hugo Margaillan was also at ease on the Aveyron specials.

In the fight against William Wagner for the top 5, Cédric Robert was not spared. Overwhelmed by reliability problems, the Stéphanois gradually lost contact, even giving up sixth place to Pierre Roche.

In the Alpine trophy, Grégory Fontalba finished the day perfectly by again setting the best time. Leader at the start of the day before ending the day at 21″2, Cyril Raymond lost the lead in the middle of the day following a loss of power at the end of the first loop.

Recalling 2009, his year of the national title marked by the victory in Rouergue, Guillaume Canivenq animated the first day at the wheel of a Clio S1600. Well established in the top 20, he made a mistake a few kilometers from the finish and lost more than four minutes. In the Clio trophy, Thomas Chauffray delivered a real recital this Friday with six consecutive best times and a lead of 22″8.


Giordano “It’s very degraded. I had a little hot moment and I slowed down a bit afterwards. We had a good day, the pace was correct.”
Ciamine “I made a splash at the finish, I even twisted the rear axle a bit, I took risks.”
Robert “The car no longer works. We have work to do.”
Bonato “It’s not too bad to be at the end of this one. We got off the road again on an embankment. We ride beyond our means.”
Wagner “We will see what we will do tomorrow. We still have to work.”
rock “I’m happy, but it was very tricky.”
Margaillan “Honestly, it’s great. The road conditions were complicated. For the moment everything is well.”
Mauffrey “We didn’t do anything stupid, I’m happy. As the day progressed, we improved our times.”
da Cunha “We drove in the dust of Rouillard. Already it’s complicated, if in addition, we see nothing.
Rouillard P. “The mess continues. I stopped three times in the special.”
Snow “For us, another rally is starting. We have to try to grab places.”
Bochatay “It was a little better than this morning.”
Rouillard N. “We enjoy it, it’s a real Rouergue. The times, for sure I would like to be closer.”
Raymond “We are happy to be at the finish tonight. I still kept underfoot. We will see tomorrow.”
Fontalba “You have to take everything there is to take. It’s going crescendo.”
From Fante “We improved a bit. We continue to have fun and have fun.”
Chauffray “We did a decent stage. I didn’t want to do anything stupid.”

NEXT SPECIAL: ES7- Levezou (14.67 km) from 10:03 a.m. (Saturday July 09, 2022)

Classification SS6 / After SS6 (12.85 km)

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