Déferlantes - 2022: With Orelsan, Feder and Martin Garrix until the end of the night... the youth took everything in its path for the second evening

Déferlantes – 2022: With Orelsan, Feder and Martin Garrix until the end of the night… the youth took everything in its path for the second evening


After a successful first introduction on Thursday, the second evening of Les Déferlantes in Céret seemed to mark a turning point in the history of the festival. The programming gave pride of place to a young audience with artists like Orelsan or several DJs. A successful bet: the milestone of 30,000 festival-goers has been reached.

Orelsan is like gold in the bank. A safe haven, the assurance of spending an evening in the pure vein of Les Déferlantes. And as always, the rapper from Cazn did not disappoint, taking with him a young, boosted, biting audience, and not just the dust of Aubiry. “Best Day”, “Clean”, “The Quest” or even “The Smell of Essence”. Interpreting the hits of his latest album, Orelsan regaled himself in full communion with his audience, not failing to be ironic about precisely this wind and this dust which have been striking in the face of the public for two days now.

Because stronger than the tramontane, it’s a real wind of youth that blew on the Breakers on Friday. It must be said that the program for this Friday was dedicated to him. With Orelsan but also in Tones and I to give a boost to a boiling public fueled in passing by the sets of DJ Martin Garrix to end in style. The 30,000 spectators clearly seemed to appreciate.

And if it was Tones and I who had finally set the tone for this evening? Taking up hits from Jay-Z (“Young Forever”) or Rihanna (“Diamonds”), the Australian singer turned the volume up to the highest decibels and never went down again.

Tones And I kicked off the day perfectly.

A breath and a drive that Rilès loves. Sure value of Les Déferlantes, the beast of the stage white-hot an audience who asked for nothing less. All brothers in the pit when singing “Brothers”, one of the artist’s hits that hits the mark every time.

In its new setting at the Château d’Aubiry in Céret, Les Déferlantes does not forget what makes up their DNA: the eclecticism of the programming. Despite generations of gap between the artists, the public keeps its bearings and that’s all it wanted to find. Waves of madness for all ages and for all tastes.

Between Tones And I and Orelsan, Sean Paul and -M- took turns on stage: the old guard who has not aged a bit remains in contact. In this whirlwind of youth, the two fifties of the evening were able to demonstrate that they had beautiful remains. Sean Paul, fresh as a roach, raised the mercury, if that was needed, with hits like “Temperature” or “Got 2 Lov U”.

As for -M-, it’s a bit of a public favourite. With his hits like “Machistador” or the very recent “Dans ta radio”, he managed to embark in his universe an audience that is not his own. The mark of the greats.

Sean Paul was on fire.

Sean Paul was on fire.

Because it was not easy to withstand the storm of the DJ scene at the foot of the Château, a few dozen meters from the big stages. At the same time, it was turntable star Feder who set the fire. Remixing hits from recent summers, the French DJ has conquered a jam-packed scene. A real tidal wave of electro sounds. In front of the warm reception of the public, the DJ even allowed himself to play the extensions.

The young audience could also enjoy a last gulp of electro with Martin Garrix on the main stage who managed to keep more than 20,000 festival-goers in no hurry to return until 2 a.m.

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