Florent Pagny condamné par le cancer : cette nouvelle photo inédite en dit long sur son état de santé

Florent Pagny condemned by cancer: this new unpublished photo says a lot about his state of health

The state of health of the singer greatly worries his fans. Suffering from lung cancer. The winning coach of the last season of “The Voice” has been appearing in public for a few months with a shaved head. A new appearance that says a lot about his fight against the disease. Emaciated, it is nevertheless all smiles that he recently appeared on a photo.

The terrible announcement

It must be said that the year 2022 has started very badly for Florent Pagny. In a video posted on his Insatgram account on January 22, the interpreter of “My freedom to think” announces that he has lung cancer, which cannot be operated on. Following this terrible revelation, he received an outpouring of support from celebrities and anonymous people. Due to illness, the singer was forced to cancel his 60th birthday tour. Two bad news that greatly saddened his admirers.

Bald but still handsome

Fortunately, failing to see him perform his most beautiful hits on stage, they were able to follow their idol in “The Voice”. And during the episode broadcast on May 7, it is completely bald that the sexagenarian appeared on the set of the program. Note that two months earlier, on March 8, 2022, he had already appeared with the same appearance on the stage of the charity show in order to help refugees. And regarding his new look, Florent Pagny prefers to laugh. According to him, even if he loses his hair due to chemos, it does not prevent him from staying in shape and having a good face.

“Heartache for twelve days, it’s no longer a joke! »

Since the beginning of his illness, Florent Pagny has always been reassuring to his fans regarding his condition. Despite everything, Slimane’s former mentor does not hide that his fight is not easy. During an interview granted to his great friend Nikos Aliagas in the columns of Gala, the one who wishes to leave this world with a smile notably confessed:

“I knew this period when you don’t want anything, you don’t have the peach, you have the heart on the edge of your lips (…) I spent pure chemo, the one that fights: heartache for twelve days, it’s no longer fun! You know, the seasickness you get after you’ve been on dry land for a week”

“I remained in a kind of blur…”

Also during the same interview, the singer expressed his doubts when he learned the terrible news. According to him, when he was told of his cancer, he found himself in a kind of fog, “one between two worlds”. Also, he added:

“At that time, I tried not to ask myself too many questions because the answers can destroy you. You also cannot let yourself slide into sadness or anxiety that you cannot control. We had to reason. So I stayed in a kind of vagueness where you feel things but nothing definitive. »

Coming out of the tunnel, Florent Pagny affirms that his cancer has somehow awakened him and redefined his sense of priorities.

His loved ones, his greatest supporters

On May 21, 2022, TF1 broadcast the grand finale of season 11 of “The Voice”. A season won hands down by Nour, Florent Pagny’s young finalist. Thanks to this victory (the fifth for Florent), the singer imposes his status as Taulier of the program. Now that the season is over, as agreed, he will start his last chemo and “after that, it’s over! »

Also, he intends to enjoy life, his loved ones and nature. Speaking of his relatives, in his fight, Florent is lucky to be well surrounded. His wife from Azucena Caamaño and their two children, Inca and Aël, are his biggest supporters.

A photo that warms the heart

So how is he doing now? At the latest news, the singer seems to be doing better. According to him, his tumor has shrunk a lot. The size of a Kiwi, it turned into a hazelnut. This is therefore reassuring for the fans! And on June 28, he gave them a big surprise. Indeed, in a photo, the artist appeared all smiles, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. And even if the photo in question reveals the signs of his illness (weight loss, bald head…), his fans were delighted to see him again after days of silence. In the comments, one can read in particular:

“Too nice you deserve so much for all the happiness of your songs”, “See you soon on stage, good recovery Florent. »

And that his aficionados are reassured, Florent does not intend to give up his career.

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