Adixia et Simon Castaldi

“I’m going to ruin your life…”: Simon Castaldi unfaithful, violently tackled by Adixia!


Incurring the wrath of the woman you love has absolutely no good. Simon Castaldi experienced this precisely during the filming of Rest of the World: Romance in Ibiza and it is not he who will contradict him. Long in a relationship with Adixia, the two lovebirds had shown the image of the idyllic couple. A true example for many of their fans who also wanted to experience the same. Remember that these two reality TV candidates had to go through countless ordeals before getting to the point where they are now. The young woman had in particular suffered many criticisms in connection with their age difference considered to be much too important. However, they had so far managed to ignore it.

Adixia tricked by Simon Castaldi

As we told you in some of our previous articles, reality TV is a world where love comes and goes. It is indeed a small environment in which everyone knows each other and can live a romantic adventure. This is why rushing into a serious relationship on the first try is never a good sign. If Adixia already has several years of experience in this world, the same cannot be said of Simon Castaldi. The young man who would have taken advantage of the filming of the last season of the Rest of the World to cheat on his darling with Virginie. It is necessary to believe that the ex of Paga did not come back from it besides to learn the news at the time of his arrival.

Adixia and Simon Castaldi were obviously a happy couple before the filming of this new show made in W9. The problem is that they didn’t join the cast at the same time. Benjamin Castaldi’s son had arrived early in the villa and had taken advantage of these few days of freedom to get closer to Virginia. Apparently seduced, the young woman would therefore have yielded to the advances of her prince charming. Which had finally made the inevitable finally happen. One thing leading to another, this idyll had spread throughout the villa. Making the secret impossible to keep. This, despite the fact that Laura Lempika has never approved such a merger.

Simon Castaldi in Adixia’s sights

Simon Castaldi thus revealing that he was no longer happy in the couple he formed with Adixia. That’s why he went elsewhere. The young woman had cried all the tears in her body when she learned of this betrayal which had simply broken her heart. In any case, he hadn’t had to wait long after discovering the truth to make a radical decision. Their relationship is well and truly over. We still have to know how the production will manage the electric atmosphere that currently reigns in the villa after this real shock.

Revenge is a dish best served cold

From what we understand, Adixia would seriously consider leaving the adventure after this incident which had broken her heart. She had, however, before making any hasty decision, made it clear that she was going to do everything to rot the life of her now ex and this, in many ways. It must be believed that the two lovebirds had had a lot of time to get to know each other. The revelations to come are therefore likely to be the most crisp.

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