LIVE - Bourg-en-Bresse-OL: first victory for Les Gones, Lacazette already decisive for his return

LIVE – Bourg-en-Bresse-OL: first victory for Les Gones, Lacazette already decisive for his return


It’s over !

For their first preparation match, OL won 4-2 against Bourg-en-Bresse. The meeting was marked by the winning return of Lacazette, scorer after seven minutes of play. The other goals were scored by Aouar, Dembélé and Lomami, while El Ouazzani scored twice for FBBP01.

The double for El Ouazzani!

In power, the Bourg striker is alone in the area and volleys a corner. The strike returns with the help of the bar.

Paqueta continues the technical gestures

When the ball is recovered in the opposing camp, the Brazilian gratifies the public with a few charms of which he has the secret.

Kadewere’s lob

It still does not pass for the Lyon winger, who does not fit.

Bourg closes the gap

On an error by Lomami, the FBBP01 reduced the score, despite a stoppage by Rémy Riou. Amine El Ouazzani scores on a strong cross from Ryan Ponti 4-1 for OL.

The Marseillaise in the stands of Verchère

The good atmosphere is present in Bourg-en-Bresse.

The first pro goal for Lomami!

The right side joins the party, on a nice opening from Damien Da Silva, Lomami (18) gets back on his left foot and deceives the opposing goalkeeper. 4-0 for Les Gones.

The strike of Paqueta

In first intention, the Brazilian arms a strike due inside the left, easily captured by L’Hostis.

Kadewere’s too cross strike

Served by Dembélé in depth, Kadewere finds himself alone against L’Hostis, who strikes with the tip of his foot.

Triple change for Bourg

With in particular a new change of goalkeeper, L’Hostis comes into play.

Dembele’s goal!

On the corner that follows, Moussa Dembélé deceives the opposing goalkeeper with a flat foot. 3-0 for OL

Dubois’ opportunity!

Beautiful projection of Léo Dubois, served in depth by Paqueta. With a point, the defender finds the gloves of Rothacher, who concedes the corner.

Good outing from Riou

On a long deep ball, Rémy Riou comes out of his surfce and beats the FBBP01 striker to relaunch on Lomami.

Houssem Aouar doubles the bet!

On an error from the Bressan defense, Houssem Aouar followed well and scored Lyon’s second goal. Very good start to the second half for Les Gones.

First ball for Riou

Rémy Riou intervenes in the air on a Bressan corner.

Here we go again to Marcel Verchère

Bourg kicks off.

The composition of OL in the second period

Riou – Lomami, Boateng, Da Silva, Dubois – Aouar, Reine-Adelaide, Paqueta – Barcola, Dembélé, Kadewere.

It’s the break

OL lead 1-0 on a goal by Lacazette.

Toko Ekambi’s bar!

After a nice one-two between Toko Ekambi and Lacazette, the Cameroonian sends a heavy shot on the bar!

We are slowly approaching the break

For the moment, the debates are balanced, even if OL seem above.

Toko Ekambi’s failure!

Well served by Lacazette, Toko Ekambi dribbles the goalkeeper but does not frame his shot when the goal is empty.

We change goalkeeper in Bourg

Baume gives way to Rothacher.

The strong center of Gusto!

New exchange between Tetê and Gusto on the right side, the side obtains a corner, which gives nothing.

Badly negotiated free kick for OL

On an eccentric free kick on the left side, Romain Faivre and Tetê made the wrong choice and OL did not take advantage of it.


On the corner that follows, the ball fails on the post of Lopes after the resumption of Obissa!

Big defensive return from Lukeba

Facing Rivas, the Lyon defender makes a good tackle and concedes the corner.

mendes above

The Brazilian’s half-hearted shot flies over the goal.

Very good free kick for OL

Lopy is penalized for a foul on Lacazette.

Lacazette’s head!

On a corner struck by Tetê, Alexandre Lacazette sends his head above.

First stop for Lopes

It’s Jonathan Rivas’ turn to try his luck. Anthony Lopes is on parade.

New opportunity for Najim

The winger from Bourg took advantage of a bad alignment of the surface to rush in, but without danger for OL.

First foray into Bourg-en-Bresse

Ilyès Najim overtakes the Lyon defense but his shot is blocked by a partner. In the aftermath, Maxence Caqueret manages a small bridge in his area and OL can get away.

Nice pass from Lukeba

The OL central defender finds Maxence Caqueret with a nice, solid hidden pass. The Lyon midfielder thought he would get a corner, but nothing happened.


The General is back! Alexandre Lacazette is at the conclusion of a great collective action to score OL’s first goal in the empty net.

Lacazette’s first strike

The Lyon captain hooked with the right foot, before chaining the strike with the left. Valentin Baume intervenes.

OL keep the ball

Peter Bosz’s men run and take over the FBBP01 camp.

Let’s go !

The kick-off is given by OL.

Players’ entrance

Lacazette will be captain in the first period. He wears the number 91. A reference to his year of birth?

OL’s program in this preparation

9/07: Bourg-en-Bresse-OL

12/07: OL-Dynamo kyiv at 6 p.m. then 9 p.m.

16/07: Anderlecht-OL at 3 p.m. then 8 p.m.

23/07: Willem II-OL at 4 p.m.

24/07: Feyenoord-OL at 4:45 p.m.

07/30: Inter Milan-OL at 8:30 p.m.

OL line-up for the first half

With the big comeback of Alexandre Lacazette, aligned ahead of Toko Ekambi, Tetê and Faivre. Also note the tenure of the Mendes-Lukeba hinge, just behind a midfielder made up of Maxence Caqueret and Johann Lepenant, the second Lyon rookie lined up at the start.

Hi there

Welcome to this live commentary to follow OL’s first warm-up match, which travels to the Marcel Verchère stadium to challenge Bourg-en-Bresse, resident of National 1. The kick-off will be given at 7 p.m.

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