LIVE – Wimbledon: Victory for Rybakina, who wins her third career title against Jabeur

LIVE – Wimbledon: Victory for Rybakina, who wins her third career title against Jabeur


Rybakina: ‘I didn’t expect to be in the second week’

“I was super nervous before, during the match. I’m very happy to have won. I want to congratulate Ons for his match, you are an inspiration for everyone. I enjoyed our match, it’s an atmosphere amazing. I didn’t expect to be in second week. Winning is just amazing. I have no words to say how happy I am. My parents are not here, my sister is here, this is the first time that she has come with me to a tournament”, explained Elena Rybakina with restraint.

Jabeur: “I am happy to inspire generations in my country”

“Elena played incredibly well. I hope the next one will be for me. Thanks to my team for believing in me. I love this tournament, I’m sad and it’s tennis. I’m happy to inspire generations in my country”, confided the Tunisian after her defeat.


Huge Elena Rybakina, who won her first Grand Slam title at 23 by winning against Ons Jabeur in three sets (3-6, 6-2, 6-2)! Despite a difficult start to the match, the Kazakh was able to raise her level of play to triumph on Center Court. Born in Moscow, she brings to Kazakhstan, whose nationality she took in 2018, her first major title, men and women alike. She succeeds Ashleigh Barty.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 5-2 Jabeur

The break for Rybakina at the best of times! The Kazakh will now serve to win the match.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 4-2 Jabeur

What a return from Rybakina! The Kazakh knew how to control her nerves to reverse the situation and she now leads 4-2.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 3-2 Jabeur

Rybakina saves the three break points thanks to a powerful first ball.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 3-2 Jabeur

Moment of weakness for Rybakina, who offers three break points to Jabeur.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 3-2 Jabeur

Jabeur holds her serve with authority to return to a game. But she still has a break behind.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 3-1 Jabeur

Taking advantage of failed returns from Jabeur, Rybakina quietly won his face-off.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 2-1 Jabeur

Jabeur takes advantage of a few errors on his opponent’s short balls to conclude his service game.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 2-0 Jabeur

Out of solutions, Ons Jabeur gets angry and sees Rybakina confirm his break.

Rybakina 3-6, 6-2, 1-0 Jabeur

The entry break for Rybakina! The Kazakh has completely turned things around against Ons Jabeur, who seems less precise than at the start of the game. The Tunisian will still have to run behind the score.

Rybakina equalizes to a set everywhere!

On a white game, Rybakina snatch a third set (6-2) which promises to be exciting.

Rybakina 3-6, 5-2 Jabeur

Despite a scare at 0-30, Ons Jabeur reversed the situation and won his second game, forcing Rybakina to serve for the set winner.

Rybakina 3-6, 5-1 Jabeur

The Kazakh continues the winning services and gets closer to winning the second set.

Rybakina 3-6, 4-1 Jabeur

The double break for Elena Rybakina, who takes off in this second set.

Rybakina 3-6, Jabeur 3-1

On a good first, Rybakina confirms his break with difficulty and leads 3-1.

Rybakina 3-6, Jabeur 2-1

Another missed opportunity for Jabeur, who is committing more and more mistakes, just like his opponent. We are approaching 8 minutes in this third game.

Rybakina 3-6, Jabeur 2-1

Another wasted advantage for Rybakina, who has to fight to save two break points. She gets away with it.

Rybakina 3-6, Jabeur 2-1

The third game is very hooked. Jabeur saved a break point obtained by Rybakina, before concluding on a direct fault from the Kazakh.

Ons Jabeur’s parents and sister are absent for this final

The British Embassy in Tunisia has confirmed that Ons Jabeur’s parents, Samira and Ridha, nor that of his sister, Yasmine. The latter could not reach London, for lack of a visa.

Rybakina 3-6, Jabeur 2-0

The Kazakh confirms her break, even if her first ball is still not there. Jabeur got herself a break point, but Rybakina got away with it as best she could.

Rybakina 3-6, 1-0 Jabeur

Rybakina rebels! The Kazakh takes advantage of her first break point to take her opponent’s serve and relaunch!

The first set for Jabeur!

Frustrated, Rybakina loses her means and concedes a white game, synonymous with the first set for Jabeur, who wins the first set 6-3!

Rybakina 3-5 Jaber

The Tunisian still raises the cursor and is getting closer to winning the first round with a white game.

Rybakina 3-4 Jabeur

The Kazakh stays in the game and takes advantage of a forehand behind Jabeur’s line to win her face-off.

Rybakina 2-4 Jabeur

Thanks to the variety of his game, Ons Jabeur provoked his opponent’s faults and regained a two-game lead.

Rybakina 2-3 Jabeur

After coming close to a double break, Rybakina finally takes her serve, despite too many inaccuracies on these first serves.

Rybakina 1-3 Jabeur

While she had the opportunity to break again, Jabeur sends a forehand cross in the hallway.

Tie, 40-40.

Rybakina 1-3 Jabeur

The Tunisian is gaining momentum and confirms her break with a white game!

Rybakina 1-2 Jabeur

The break for Jabeur! Penalized by numerous unforced errors, the Kazakh concedes her face-off and runs behind the score.

Rybakina 1-1 Jabeur

Despite a service less powerful than his opponent, Ons Jabeur won his game on a forehand error from Rybakina.

Rybakina 1-0 Jabeur

The seeded number 17 wins without trembling this first game of service, on his third game ball.

Let’s go !

Elena Rybakina serves first in this historic final. In confrontations, the Tunisian leads two victories to one, which have not been played out this season.

The players enter the court

Ons Jabeur enters first, followed by Elena Rybakina. The referee will be the Frenchwoman Aurélie Tourte.

“Onstoppable” Jabeur, a final on behalf of Tunisia

Ons Jabeur will play her first Grand Slam final this Saturday, at Wimbledon, against Kazakh Elena Rybakina (3 p.m.). First North African and Arab player to reach such a level, the Tunisian assumes to play for her people.

More information here

The journey of Ons Jabeur

Recent 2nd player in the world behind the untouchable Iga Swiatek, Ons Jabeur (27) has already marked the history of tennis by reaching this rank, becoming the highest ranked African player in history. But the Tunisian wants more and wants to become the first North African player to lift a GC trophy. To reach the final, Jabeur successively got rid of Mirjam Björklund, Katarzyna Kawa, Diane Parry, Elise Mertens, Marie Bouzková and Tatjana Maria. Before this Wimbledon 2022, Jabeur had never risen higher than the quarters of a GC tournament with the 2020 edition of the Australian Open.

The journey of Elena Rybakina

Installed in 17th place in the WTA rankings, Elena Rybakina does not come out of nowhere. Yet she had never passed the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam before the London fortnight. The Kazakhstani was solid on the English turf as she conceded only one set in the quarter-finals against Alja Tomljanovic. In the first round, the Moscow native dismissed Coco Vandeweghe before going on against Bianca Andreescu, Zheng Qinwen, Petra Maric, Alja Tomljanovic and Simona Halep. If successful, she would become the first Kazakh player to win one of the four GC titles.

Hello everyone !

Hello everyone and welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow the Wimbledon final between Ons Jabeur and Elena Rybakina (3 p.m.). World number two, Ons Jabeur is the favorite against Rybakina, who has never made it past the quarter-final stage of a Grand Slam.

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