Mathieu (L'amour est dans le pré) : Frappé par la maladie, "Le couloir de la mort", il doit se battre

Mathieu (Love is in the meadow): Struck by illness, “Death row”, he must fight

Mathieu, participant of love is in the pre season 15, announced sad news. The latter is affected by a difficult disease to live with. This is Cadasil disease. He confided in himself not to let himself be defeated and to continue not to let this disease win.

Love is in the meadow and cadasil

Mathieu participated in the fifteenth season of love is in the meadow. Already during the filming, he confided in his illness. He had indeed revealed that he was sick. Cadasil disease is uncommon. It is therefore not always easy to understand simply in the name of what it is. This disease is a pathology. It is rare and genetic. It can trigger seizures, whether epilepsy or stroke.

It is with the magazine Closer, that the former participant of love is in the meadow reveals his reaction when he knew he was sick. He did not discover this disease as a result of seizures. Indeed, his father was himself affected. The young man at the time had decided to do some tests to find out. But these turned out to be positive after three months of waiting. When he finally got the results he said “It was like waiting on death row “. He also added that “My little sister was not a carrier, but I was. This news was very hard for her husband to accept. He testifies that “For two months I did not leave my house. I had a real depression”.

After the rain

Mathieu therefore went through a very difficult period. At the time, he didn’t even think he could recover from it one day. But after the rain comes the good weather. Mathieu decided to shake himself off. He woke up and finally accepted the situation. In any case, he knew whether he accepted it or not his illness would still be there. So might as well do with it rather than waste the rest of his life. So he decided to “take back control” and proudly declares “I have decided to fight”. While adding “I have chosen to live with the disease and no longer suffer from it”. The former candidate for love is in the meadow being very sparkling, moreover, he is now enjoying every moment of his life. This new philosophy of life pushed him to his limits.

Thanks to this way of thinking, Mathieu now makes more daring choices. He declares during the interview “I have a serious illness and I want to realize my dreams to nourish my body and my head with happiness”. Mathieu’s dream is to become a father, but also to be able to invest more in causes that are really close to his heart. But his dreams take time and it is not easy with his work as a farmer. But with his new philosophy of life, the former candidate for love is in the meadow has decided to abandon his agricultural activities to devote himself to his dreams. He says that “Farms are a lot of stress”. Because of or thanks to illness, Mathieu is more fulfilled than ever.

He notes during the interview “Syears Cadasil, I would never have dared to live so fully. Paradoxically, my illness is the source of the greatest happiness in my life”. His story, his illness and his courage give us a hell of a life lesson given to us by this former participant in love is in the meadow!

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