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Noa is dead, Judith is inconsolable | Bart suspect number 1 – Tomorrow belongs to us July 13, 2022 (episode 1228) | tomorrow belongs to us


Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow belongs to us in advance season 5 of episode 1228 broadcast on Wednesday July 13, 2022 on TF1. Victor encourages Elsa for Timothée’s birthday party. Noa’s death is due to a sabotage of a machine at Alex’s farmhouse. Bart is suspected.

The complete recap of the DNA soap opera of the episode in advance of 07/13/2022. Find the #TomorrowWeBelong spoilers in preview, everything you need to know about the episode.

Judith very unhappy after the loss of Noa

Find the full summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1228 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday July 13, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Tomorrow belongs to us ): the recap of the previous episode Tomorrow belongs to us from 07/12/2022 is online.

Georges and Damien are at the farmhouse…they see that the washing machine cable has been cut. It’s not a clean job. Noa died aged 20… Alex is in shock. He puts pressure on the police to find the person responsible.

Judith is inconsolable, Chloe is by her side. Judith blames herself, she couldn’t tell him she loved him. Chloe is convinced that he knew it.

Sophie tells Nordine that he is free…if Manon pleases him, he just has to go for it. She’s a bit hurtful with her remarks.

Elsa and Timothée slept together: Timothée slept badly because he is not used to sleeping with someone. Tomorrow is Timothy’s birthday. Elsa wants to please him but he says he doesn’t want anything because he prefers normal days.

Timothy DNA

Timothée makes great progress with Elsa

Martin is now looking for an assassin, the mas investigation becomes the priority.

Elsa bumps into Victor Brunet at breakfast… she asks him what he usually does for Timothée’s birthday. Victor asks her for advice on subscribing to the scientific journal as a gift.

Victor DNA

Victor appreciates Timothée’s girlfriend Elsa

Elsa says she would like to organize a little party for Timothée… Victor thinks he doesn’t like surprises too much. Victor thinks Timothée should be shaken up, that will help him move on… Victor tells Elsa that she makes him feel good, he encourages her to shake up his son.

Sofia DNA

Sofia encourages Manon with Nordine

Jordan confides in Alex and Robin that he saw Bart in the workshop…he was quite upset and he talked about his mother. Robin thinks we should talk about all this to the police.

Sofia lends one of her dresses to Manon so that she looks hot for her review moment with Nordine. But it falls through, Nordine cancels the meeting.

Mano's DNA

The rapprochement of Manon and Nordine

Judith returns to the farmhouse and she finds Noa’s motorbike…the memories of their story come back and it’s painful. Juith confides in Jordan that even though it was complicated with Noa at the moment, she loved him. Jordan comforts her with a hug.

Sara and Georges arrive at Bart’s, the door is open. He didn’t come to work at the Spoon and didn’t notify the employees. Georges finds bottles of alcohol…he wonders if Louise’s death has made him freak out. Sara does not want to believe in her guilt. Sara calls her…but she finds her phone on the floor in the house.

Elsa talks to Manon about organizing the birthday party she wants to do for Timothée. Manon thinks that the party and Timothée don’t go together… but he’s made progress so why not.

Anna and Karim are on the spoon to find out when Audrey last saw Bart. She says Bart was hated, he was talking badly to customers. Bart helped himself to glasses between services. Anna tells Karim to find Bart before he fucks up.

Nordine DNA

Nordine and Manon’s kiss … but he’s not ready

Manon and Sofia are on the beach…they see Nordine and Sophie at the table at the hut. Small spades are at the rendezvous between Sophie and Manon.

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance episode 1228 of July 13, 2022: Will Nordine leave Sophie?

Roxanne makes her echo with Samuel and the embryo is about 2mm. All is well, the girls are reassured. Sara arrived late, she explains to Roxanne that she doesn’t know where Bart is, he is suspected again and this time for Noa’s death.

Manon talks to Sofia about her new idea: she offers Nordine to train with her for the sports competitions. He accepts. After the race, time for stretching… he shows her how to do it. The rapprochement makes them uncomfortable, Manon kisses Nordine…he lets himself go for 2 seconds but he tells her he’s just there for his competition and he leaves.

Give the DNA

Anna’s concern for Bart who is nowhere to be found

Bart wanders down the street with a bottle in his hand, ready to get run over by a car in the middle of the road.

The highlights of Tomorrow belongs to us from July 13, 2022: what to remember.

– Bart is wanted by the police, he is very bad
– Noa Josse died following the sabotage of the mas
– Judith is sad, she can count
– Roxane and Sara’s baby is fine
– Manon kisses Nordine after a workout
– Elsa prepares a birthday party for Timothée

To be continued the summary Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1229 from Thursday July 14, 2022 with Ingrid Chauvin in the role of Chloé Delcourt and Charlotte Gaccio who plays mother Audrey Roussel.

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