Stranger Things 5: the questions the finale will have to answer - News Séries

Stranger Things 5: the questions the finale will have to answer – News Séries


Season 4 of Stranger Things ended last week with Volume 2. After a tough losing battle against Vecna, Eleven and the others are not done with the world upside down. Here are the questions Season 5 will have to answer.

Stranger Things wrapped up Volume 2 Season 4 with two epic episodes. In addition to a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, Season 4 left fans bewildered with many unanswered questions and mysteries. The season thus concluded with a merciless battle against Vecna ​​and its consequences in Hawkins. Season 5, which will be the last, will therefore be the last chance to answer these questions left unanswered.

The destruction of Hawkins caused by Vecna ​​was attributed to an earthquake by authorities. However, attentive citizens will know that there is something else at stake in this small town where tragedies seem to accumulate. Unfortunately, Eddie was still held responsible for the events, with some conspiracy theorists accusing the Hellfire Club of Satanism and therefore opening portals to an underworld.

Technically, that’s not too far from the truth, except that the members of the Hellfire Club, including Eddie, were instead trying to protect their town. As for the plan to kill Vecna, it went wrong. Most of the main characters have survived the confrontation, but Max is in a deep coma.

The band is finally reunited in Hawkins, and no longer scattered in different places in the United States. But there are plenty of mysteries waiting to be solved, from Max’s fate to the Russians’ hidden purpose with their prison. Here are the main unanswered questions we ask ourselves while waiting for season 5.


Will Max come out of her coma?

Max technically died from the curse of Vecna ​​for a minute, but Eleven used her powers to bring her friend back to life. Revelation made when El and the gang returned to a ravaged Hawkins. Except Max was found in a coma, with Lucas sharing his concern that she wouldn’t wake up.

Max’s fate remains a major question for Season 5. While there is still hope, the road to recovery might not be easy, given that she was left with broken limbs and blind. When Eleven tried to find Max in a vacuum (in astral projection) she was alone which implies that Max might be brain dead.

How will we find Hawkins in the time jump of season 5?

The Duffer Brothers have said that Stranger Things Season 5 will feature a time jump. And as a quick reminder, Episode 9 concluded with the gang watching the Upside Down begin to spill over into their world. Nature dying as it advances. Hawkins’ situation will be a major question at the start of Season 5.

It is possible that Hawkins will become a quarantine zone, which has become uninhabitable. Although many of the townspeople were seen fleeing, it will be interesting to see what the families of the main characters decide to do now that Hawkins is in thrall to the Upside Down. There’s also the question of whether Mike, Nancy, Lucas, and Dustin will tell their respective parents the truth, and how far the Upside Down will have stretched.


Is Dr. Sam Owens alive?

Dr. Brenner finally breathed his last in Volume 2, but his project accomplice Nina was left in the compound with no one knowing what happened to her. After siding with Eleven who wanted to leave to save her friends in Hawkins, Brenner had his men detain Owens.

He was still chained when Colonel Sullivan and the US Army entered the underground base. Owens, who has always been a staunch ally, tried to convince Sullivan to let Eleven live, but the serviceman wouldn’t listen. Although El shot down the helicopter along with other vehicles, it is unknown what happened to Owens and whether Sullivan spared him.

Will Sullivan continue to chase Eleven?

Without any means of transportation, Sullivan and his men had no way of tracking Eleven after she was rescued by Jonathan, Argyle, Will, and Mike who disembarked in a van. They were left in the desert watching the van drive away. So it’s unclear what’s next for Sullivan.

Members of the government clearly see Eleven as a threat, but it remains to be seen if they will hold her responsible for the events that occurred in Hawkins while she was not present during the “earthquake”. Hopper and Joyce will likely stay in hiding with the kids since they’re all targets now, but the government might finally trust Eleven now that the situation has reached a boiling point.


Will Kali return now that Dr. Brenner is dead?

Kali was mentioned in Season 4. Now that Brenner is dead, she might land. As revealed in Season 2, Kali aka Eight, and her group of friends have sworn revenge on people connected to Hawkins’ lab. Brenner was at the top of that list.

Although Kali was unpopular with fans, her return could be a way to give a satisfying conclusion to her Season 2 story arc. She could return with the other surviving test subjects to take on One. Even if she will not have her revenge against Brenner, she could help her “sister” in an extremely perilous moment.

What were the Russians planning with the Demogorgons?

We learned from Season 4 that the prisoners served as food for the Demogorgon that Hopper and Dmitri faced in Volume 1. However, Volume 2 confirmed that the Russians not only had more Demogorgons in vats, but were studying also Demodogs and Mind Flayer particles.

The question now is what the Russians were doing with the Upside Down creatures. One can understand that the Russians want to investigate their existence. Still, there’s also reason to believe they wanted to break into the Upside Down to gather more monsters and possibly use them as weapons.


Will Nancy choose Jonathan or Steve (or neither)?

While a love triangle between Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve was put on hold in Season 2, the topic returned in Season 4. It became apparent that the distance wasn’t ideal for Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship. . Things got complicated, however, when she spent more time with Steve while Hawkins’ group faced Vecna. Several clues showed that Nancy might still have feelings for Steve.

In Volume 2, Steve finally confesses his love. But everything was interrupted with Jonathan’s return to Hawkins. Nancy assured Jonathan that their relationship was still strong, but the dialogue was unconvincing. A major question in Season 5 will therefore be whether Nancy stays with Jonathan or prefers Steve to her. Or choose celibacy!

What happened to Murray, Dmitri and Yuri?

During the Season 4 finale sequence, Hopper and Joyce tracked down the children in Hopper’s cabin. They were dropped off by Constable Stinson, who answered their call after Dmitri and Yuri were rescued by helicopter from the Russian prison. That said, Murray was not present, nor is it known what happened to Dmitri and Yuri after they arrived in the United States.

While they may have wanted to cut ties with Yuri, it would make sense for Murray to stick around since he’s fully involved in the battle against the Upside Down. We can also ask the question about Dmitri since Murray hinted to the Russian that he could join them in Indiana. But it is also possible that he went in search of his son.


Can Vecna ​​really be defeated?

Eleven had made it clear that she could match One’s powers in certain situations, but defeating Vecna ​​was never considered a simple affair. As part of the plan, Nancy, Steve, and Robin attacked Vecna’s physical body while her mind was distracted. Thanks to molotov cocktails and shotgun blasts from Nancy, the trio had the advantage over Vecna, but he still managed to survive and his curse caused part of Hawkins to be destroyed.

Vecna’s ultimate plan to take over the world has not been realized, and he won’t stop until he’s defeated for good. As he told Eleven, this was just the beginning, “the beginning of the end”. The group has managed to kill Upside Down creatures, shatter the collective consciousness that unites the Upside Down creatures, and defeat the Mind Flayer multiple times, but Vecna ​​is the force behind it all. This will never end until Vecna ​​is killed for good. At the moment, it seems almost impossible.

Could Will have a bigger role in Season 5?

We can only see that Will was underutilized for several seasons, and Season 4 was no exception. He could (should?) have been a key character in the season, but his narrative arc was limited to questions about his sexual orientation. He poignantly put his feelings aside to help Mike and then Eleven, but those episodes still didn’t give Will the chance to fully shine.

That may change in Season 5 after Will confirms he sensed Vecna’s presence. It all started with Will’s disappearance, so it would only be fitting for Will to be an important part of Stranger Things’ ending. A bigger role for Will has been high on many fans’ wish lists for the past few years. It’s time for the Duffer brothers to do him justice.


How will Stranger Things end in season 5?

The biggest question that arises from Season 4 is how it will all end in the show’s fifth and final season. As seen above, the Netflix series has plenty of mysteries to solve before the grand conclusion delivers various storylines. There could be open doors for potential sequels and spin-offs, but the main conflict centering on Hawkins and the Upside Down will have to be fought out.

Eleven will always feel responsible for what happened, but she’s also the only one who can lead the charge to save Hawkins and maybe the world. If Eleven and the others manage to defeat Vecna, all the doors to the Upside Down will have to be permanently closed. The alternate dimension may also need to be destroyed to end any threat. And even if the group succeeds, it’s unlikely they’ll come out completely unscathed.

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