"Stranger Things", an eminently popular series

“Stranger Things”, an eminently popular series


This is THE series everyone is talking about right now. So much so that you may not want to watch it anymore. Well if so, I’m here to change your mind.

To tell you the truth, initially, I wanted to tell you about another series, “Severance” available on Apple TV+. A dystopia where we follow employees who agree to undergo brain surgery allowing them to have two separate personalities. One who stays in the office, the other who is outside. So as not to mix professional and personal life. Of course, it ends badly.

Then I advise you to watch “Severance”. It’s very intelligent, very fine, the staging is impeccable but… it’s perhaps a bit too snobbish. First, because Apple TV + members are not so numerous in France.

But above all because “Severance” is a very demanding series, it will not please everyone and as a last column, I rather wanted to tell you about a fiction – probably less ambitious – but which seduces the biggest number.

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“Stranger Things” is one of the few series that still creates a bond between viewers…

At a time when content is multiplying and when algorithms lock us more and more into selections supposed to correspond to our tastes, there are fewer and fewer fictions capable of bringing us together.

We no longer look at the same thing. When I was a kid, everyone knew “Magnum” or “Julie Lescaut”. Today, there are thousands of series and you can’t find your way around. Well, “Stranger Things” is an exception. Yesterday, Netflix announced that the fourth season, which ended a few days ago, was already the platform’s second biggest hit.

A success that can be explained very simply

First, it’s a series that takes up all american blockbuster codes. It’s a big production, there’s suspense, scary monsters and above all there’s a heroine like only Hollywood knows how to do. A young teenager who, thanks to her powers, will have to fight absolute evil on her own.

And then, it must be said that it is a very clever series. Who approaches adolescence and the transition to adulthood with great finesse. Where we talk about different children and who cultivate this singularity in a world that seeks to format them.

Finally, it is an intergenerational series. For the whole family. Except maybe for the little ones who might be afraid of monsters. Teenagers recognize themselves in these characters who have their ages. And since the plot takes place in the 1980s, adults will love to dive back into their childhood memories.

The soundtrack is full of songs from the era. We find for example “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. Hit of the 80s propelled to number 1 in the Top 50 in 2022 thanks to the kids who watched the series. Proof that in the age of platforms, we can still create links and commonality.

► “Stranger Things”, to see on Netflix.

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