Vacances d’été : VACAF, cette aide de la CAF pour partir en vacances quasiment gratuitement

Summer holidays: VACAF, this aid from CAF to go on vacation almost for free

We know the CAF for the many social aids it offers. Many families are already benefiting from it. Assistance in finding employment or housing, survival assistance for low-income families, etc. That’s not all. Another help to go on summer vacation at a lower cost is added to this list.

CAF has set up a Family Vacation Assistance (AVF). Help for the poorest families. This so-called VACAF aid is made up of a Social Holiday Aid and a Local Children’s Holiday Aid. However, certain conditions must be met to qualify.

Devices included in VACAF

VACAF is a device allowing low-income families to go on summer vacation. This system has been in place by CAF for several years. It is families with lower incomes who are eligible for this aid. On the other hand, they must be recipients of other assistance offered by family allowances.

Within this VACAF device, there are several other sub-devices. First, the AVF: Help for Family Holidays. Then, the AVS which is the Help for Social Holidays. Finally, the Local Children’s Holiday Aid, known as AVEL. This is good since we are in the middle of the summer vacation period.

It is thus possible, thanks to these aids, to go on vacation at a lower cost. The whole family may not be able to go together. This is where the Avel device comes in to allow children to leave on their own. Holiday centers participate in this project. One can choose one via a catalog of the VACAF plan.

Several destinations exist throughout France. It is up to families to choose the one that suits their criteria. Eligible families can claim this allowance only once a year. They can use it whenever they want.

What is the VACAF?

It is a directory. This directory lists all the holiday centers approved by VACAF. Whether it’s school holidays or just weekends! The destinations are located in metropolitan France. You can choose a center located by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains.

These aids are intended for housing during your stay. That said, you can rent an apartment, a gîte, a mobile home, a bungalow or a pitch in a campsite.

However, a catalog receipt request must be made. You must therefore go to the website. Otherwise, you can call 0810 25 98 98 to make the request. Regardless of the choice of request method, the catalog is received by email.

CAF pays half of the costs

Once the request has been made, move on to choosing summer vacation destinations. The Caf must be informed. However, do not forget to call the center of your choice beforehand. This in order to make a reservation while specifying that one benefits from the AVF. The amount of the reservation is matched to the request.

The CAF of each department will cover part of the costs of stays in the chosen center. She could even pay up to half of the costs. It still depends on the conditions met. The beneficiary will pay his share and the deposits after intervention by CAF. This is how the reservation will be confirmed.

Conditions and amount

It is said that the AVF was created to allow low-income households to go on summer vacation. However, the eligibility criteria must be specified. Indeed, there are conditions to be met in order to benefit from it.

These conditions are:

  • The number and age of dependent children
  • household income
  • The number of household shares
  • The family quotient for which the CAF sets the ceiling

The amount of the AVF is variable. That said, it is set according to the aforementioned criteria, in particular the family quotient. When this is low, CAF’s participation rate rises. On the other hand, this participation rate decreases if the amount of the family quotient is high.

This family quotient is calculated by taking into account the following data:

  • Taxable resources for the year to be divided by 12
  • Benefits per month of the CAF for the current month
  • The number of family shares
  • The VACAF amount varies according to the CAF

Note that the VACAF amount also varies according to the CAF. We are talking about a participation rate that varies between 40% and 80%. In short, the participation of CAF Paris is not the same as that of CAF Dordogne. In the Dordogne, the CAF grants an increase of 70 to 80%. This concerns a family quotient between 0 to 622 euros.

It is therefore recommended to inquire with the CAF of your department. Thus, we will be able to know the amount of which we benefit according to our status. It is also recommended to apply earlier. This will give you a better chance of benefiting from this aid to go peacefully on summer vacation.

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