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The madness of subscriptions, towards a new record!


The enthusiasm around OM is still just as strong on the side of Marseille supporters who have once again subscribed to the Stade Vélodrome en masse this summer. A new record to even be beaten!

Marseille supporters did not wait for the signature of high-sounding names to go and subscribe en masse to the velodrome stadium… The Olympian transfer window is also at a standstill and Longoria is struggling at first to exfiltrate players before being able to recruit .

For the first time in the McCourt era, the velodrome already has more than 41,000 current subscribers in all areas of the stadium. Last season the number of 40,000 was finally reached. Knowing that the club is selling today 3,000 subscriptions for the Jean-Bouin and Ganay stands for L1 and Champions League passes (between 529 and 1,479 euros), and the 2003 record could be beaten (+44,000).

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“The rates correspond to the club and the city” – OM management

Subscriptions in turns will be at 10 euros 45 per match and for the Jean Bouin and Ganay stands will be between 18 and 63 euros per match. All payable in 10 installments free of charge until June 30. To subscribe priority to regulars until June 24th then opening of the subscription for everyone. There will then be a half-price rate for subscribers for the continuation of the Champions League and the Coupe de France matches, enough to allow all the people of Marseille to come and support the club next season.

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