Tour de France – For Bradley Wiggins, Tadej Pogacar has already won

Tour de France – For Bradley Wiggins, Tadej Pogacar has already won


What Pogi wants… Tadej Pogacar had already won Thursday at Longwy, but that was not enough for him. After winning to take the yellow jersey, he triumphed this time with the yellow jersey. Because he had made it a matter of principle. The Super Planche des Belles Filles, first arrival at the top (and first ascent) of this Tour 2022, was for him. It was written. In any case, he had decided. “I had this stage in mind for a long time, in fact since the presentation of the route. I made it a big goal“, he confessed Friday in the Vosges station once he had achieved his ends.
Everyone has understood it for two years now, the young man is the type to put his actions in line with his intentions. It is here that the period of domination of Pogacar on the Tour de France began, during this famous time trial which had decided the fate of the Tour 2020.

A lot has happened since winning here in 2020“, he tempers. But chrono or stage in line, Board or Super Board, it doesn’t matter, the result was the same. But it was not only for sporting reasons that he wanted to make an impression: “My wife Urska was there at the finish line, and the rest of my family at the bottom of the climb.”

Tour de France

Gaudu, head on the podium and feet on the ground


The duel was sumptuous: Pogacar drew far to overtake Vingegaard at the top

The ‘Tadej Time’

His supremacy asserts itself day after day, but on Friday, he still found someone to talk to with Jonas Vingegaard. We even thought that the Dane was going to win, before he finally gave in in the last meters. “Jonas attacked really hardhighlights the yellow jersey. But I said to myself that after the work provided by my teammates all day, I had to attack to the line.” What ‘Pogi’ wants, we tell you…

Pogacar: “Vingegaard is my main opponent”

Paradoxically, as he walks through every stage and on all terrains, Pogacar is still “only” 35 seconds ahead of Vingegaard. It’s not much, with 14 stages to come and all the main climbs, minus that of the Planche. However, Bradley Wiggins, winner of the 2012 edition and consultant on Eurosport UK, is already almost categorical: “I think the Tour is over, unless there is a crash. He is Tadej Pogacar. We’re not talking about Mickey Mouse here.. We have done a week of racing and we are entering the ‘Tadej Time’“, judges the Englishman in his podcast The Bradley Wiggins Show.

I know people are going to say to me ‘Oh, you can’t say that, the public must continue to be interested’Adopt Bradley Wiggins. I understand all that, but I just think the Tour is over, because against its main opponentshe proved he was the best. So, unless there is a crash, an injury, the Covid… He would have to physically collapse and it’s hard to imagine that since he has never physically collapsed..”

Tadej Pogacar winner of the Super Planche des Belles Filles.

Credit: AFP

An alliance against me? Maybe. But in the end, it’s the legs that do the talking

The Tour is far from over“, recalls the yellow jersey for his part. He obviously cannot say anything else. In reality, on a factual level, it is almost absurd to consider that the mass is said when the main difficulties of the course are to come. Half a minute can fly by very quickly. But what Bradley Wiggins dares to say is probably what almost everyone feels, even more than he thinks. His impression of ease, his ease, makes him that he never experiences any glitches, all this effectively leads one to say that the outcome is something inevitable.

Nothing is done, there are no huge gaps in the general classification, insists the leader of the UAE Emirates Team. We saw today that many runners are very strong. Next week, we will go much higher. Vingegaard is a great climber, one of the best in the world and perhaps the best at the moment. He will of course be a rival for me, he also has a very strong team.”

Consensual, or pragmatic it depends, Tadej Pogacar therefore remains on his guard, but he also knows what he is worth. “I feel good. I trust“, he says with a smile that we don’t really know if he’s childish or carnivorous. Both, perhaps. Nothing scares him. Not even the hypothesis (incredibly improbable to date) of an alliance of all his adversaries to destabilize him. When the idea is submitted to him, he concludes with another obviousness: “An alliance against me? Maybe. But in the end, it’s the legs that do the talking.” Hers have the verb too high for anyone.

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Tour de France

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Tour de France

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