At Les Déferlantes, the French touch raised the temperature this Saturday evening

At Les Déferlantes, the French touch raised the temperature this Saturday evening


The intense heat did not dampen the enthusiasm of the 35,000 spectators this Saturday during a 100% French evening.

On the third day of the festival, it was overwhelming heat that greeted festival-goers on the site of the Château d’Aubiry this Saturday evening. Not enough to slow the pace after two largely promising first evenings.

And it was three heavyweights of French song who formed the backbone of this evening. At the heart of the program, although still young, Vianney, Clara Luciani and Angèle have shown that they weigh clearly in the game of French song.

Vianney, first in line, rolled out his tubing machine at sunset. Already very numerous, the public reveled in an arch setlist mastered by all. Often alone with his guitar, Vianney created a good-natured atmosphere and really launched this very Made in France evening. He also passed the torch to Clara Luciani by literally making Aubiry jumper.

Clara Luciani celebrated

It was “madly” that Clara Luciani took over for a concert that turned “into the biggest birthday party ever”. La Provençale actually celebrated from midnight, this Sunday, July 10, its 30th anniversary. She would have been widely celebrated by her conquered public.

Clara Luciani celebrated her birthday a few minutes after her concert.
The Independent – Michel Clementz

“It has to move, it has to shake, it has to sweat again”, she sang in the form of an incantation at the end of the concert to a crowd that would have taken a few tens of minutes more .

Angèle, yes!

It was then that the 30 to 35,000 people present on the site embarked in a candy pink roller coaster, heading for the country of Angèle.
“Is it yes or is it no?” intoned the Belgian very quickly. Aubiry had decided a long time ago: it was yes… And rather ninety-five times!

Since this Saturday evening, “we would have to forget everything” so Angèle took charge of the therapy and under her air of a fragile little girl, she showed that she had the dimension of the greatest to conquer the hearts of the public at the castle. ‘Aubiry.

Until the last note, Angèle overflowed with energy and love for her audience, charmed by the crazy charisma of an already accomplished artist.

Rap and electro to complete the Tour de France

But there is as much French Touch as there are musical styles and, this Saturday at Les Déferlantes, French rap held its own with Obøy and SCH.

Arriving on stage in the early evening, when the audience was looking for the slightest square inch of shade, Obøy raised the mercury beyond reason with his energetic rap.

Ob had the merit of playing in scorching heat.

Ob had the merit of playing in scorching heat.
The Independent – Michel Clementz

SCH had him, the permission of midnight, to ensure a delicate transition between Angèle and Kungs. The Marseille rapper was “13 at ease” in this great musical gap.

A member of Jul’s organized gang, he largely fulfilled the contract with a fanbase conquered by a set forbidden to darons.

On “Fade Up”, he woke up Aubiry who no longer sat down. From his spoiled, to “J is the S” (for Jul it’s blood), passing by “it’s not the capital, it’s Marseille baby”, all the flagship hooks of the Marseille collective are there past.

The only false note, at the end of the concert, SCH thanked … Argelès for this moment, forgetting the move of Les Déferlantes to Céret.

It was ultimately Kungs and his perfect electro that put the last festival-goers to sleep in the heart of the night. They were still very numerous to have remained in the atmosphere in this open-air theater which has become a giant nightclub. And if it was with his iconic “This Girl” that he closed this 3rd evening of the Déferlantes 2022, the Azurean had proven, for an hour, that he had gold at his fingertips.

The Aubiry site will reopen its doors this Sunday for the last time of the year. For an already memorable evening since Muse will tickle the ears of festival-goers with its pure rock. A sold-out evening! Already historic!

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