Austrian Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) does not understand the attitude of Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)

Austrian Grand Prix – Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) does not understand the attitude of Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)


George Russell can admit to being satisfied with his fourth place in the sprint race, Lewis Hamilton disappointed with his eighth and Mercedes still proud. “Thanks to a Herculean effort from the team, both cars were able to take part in Free Practice 2, which started just six (allowed) hours after qualifying.“, noted the German team, referring to the damage of the accidents of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in Q3, Friday on Red Bull Racing.

While George Russell’s run to P4 was crystal clear on Saturday, and basically boring with no cars in his vicinity, Lewis Hamilton’s was more hectic and downright laborious. After contact with the AlphaTauri of Pierre Gasly on the first brake, the seven-time world champion started his afternoon in eleventh place and then only moved up three places.

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Suffering from excessive disc temperature in the front left, he spent a lot of energy without compromising everything to overtake Alexander Albon (Williams), Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) and Mick Schumacher (Haas), in the front- last round. The challenge went beyond P8. It was a question of saving his chances of making a result on Sunday.

“The gap was greater than we expectedconfessed George Russell. We were 13 seconds behind after 23 laps, or nearly half a second per lap. We have to work by tomorrow to understand why we have lowered the pace. Small things can make a difference: the tires weren’t easy to manage and different approaches to downforce levels will play a role tomorrow.”

Hamilton’s bad start started it all

“I am grateful to have managed to survive here today!exclaimed Lewis Hamilton. The team did a great job getting the car back to working order last night and this morning. A little thanks to them and I’m glad I brought her back almost in one piece.”

“I didn’t get off to a good start, then Pierre [Gasly] passed me at the first turnhe regretted. I don’t understand why pilots do this when there is so much space on the right, and I couldn’t help it. Then the same thing happened in turn 3 with a Williams and a Red Bull: I had some kind of damage, but at least I was able to continue. After that, I just tried to catch up. We are slower on the straights so I had to wait until I got off the DRS train to pass the cars in front. That’s why it took a few laps to get ahead of Mick [Schumacher].”

“After such an incredible effort from the mechanics, it’s a bit of a disappointment in terms of speed.acknowledged Toto Wolff, the team manager. We failed to show our usual improvement in race pace versus single lap performance like in other events this year.

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