Austrian Grand Prix – Verstappen on pole, consigned to Ferrari, different Mercedes: the GP in question

Austrian Grand Prix – Verstappen on pole, consigned to Ferrari, different Mercedes: the GP in question


What time does the race start?

At 3 p.m. For 71 rounds.

Austrian Grand Prix

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Is pole position an advantage for Spielberg?

It’s the guarantee of finishing in the top two, excluding retirement of course. Since 2000, this has always been the case, except for poleman Felipe Massa (Williams) in 2014.

Does Max Verstappen (Red Bull) succeed in his starts from pole?

In Spielberg, yes. He started at the head of the two Grands Prix organized in Spielberg in 2021 (Styria and Austria) and reigned supreme during the 71 laps. Like Saturday during the 23 laps of the sprint race.

In the previous 15 races he attacked in front of the whole field, he won 11 of the 13 they finished. He finished 2nd at Budapest in 2019 and at Sakhir in 2021. For two retirements, at Silverstone and Monza in 2021.

Why is the RB18 even better in racing?

“Our car isn’t great on a lap yet, but that’s also because it’s still too heavy (Editor’s note: minimum weight requirement of 598 kg), revealed Max Verstappen to De Telegraaf. That means we can’t push to the limit in qualifying. During the race it doesn’t affect as much, because the weight is less noticeable with full fuel.”

Is Ferrari thinking of imposing a deposit?

Yes, because the Silverstone fiasco happened there and Laurent Mékies hints at it. “Tyre management, mainly at the start and end of stints, will be key and we have to be ready to make the most of every opportunity that arises.assured the Director of the Competition. Sunday, it will be two against two because Sergio Pérez moved up the places on Saturday. The contribution of each of our drivers will therefore be essential if we are to achieve the result we are chasing.”

Clearly, the pit wall will require discipline from its drivers. And this pattern will be clearly exposed on Sunday morning at Ferrari.

Why is Hamilton’s W13 better configured than Russell’s?

The German team took away three specific rear wings for the Spielberg circuit this weekend, and the drivers broke two during Q3 on Friday. Mercedes fitted the #44 W13 with the aftermarket wing and fitted a different specification, higher downforce rear wing to the #63 on Saturday.

Normally, a single-seater cannot change wing specification under parc fermé conditions after qualifying, but there is an exception to the rules for sprint race weekends.

Has Alpine solved the Fernando Alonso problem?

“It’s very frustrating not to have been able to start the Sprint Racesaid the Spaniard. We couldn’t get the car started on the grid, so we went into the pit lane and then tried an external battery, but as it still didn’t work we had to retire. The problem appears to be electrical in nature.”

Alpine was unable to certify on Saturday evening that the world champion could start.

Why will Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) leave last?

Because of a peculiarity of the rules, which have not changed since the introduction of sprint races. Ferrari mounted a 4th new power unit on the Finn’s Alfa Romeo on Friday, and the latter was able to compete for the points on Saturday despite a V6 out of the regulatory quota. He will not serve his penalty (a start at the back of the grid) until Sunday.

What are the trickiest points on the circuit for the cars?

Turns 1, 6 and 7: the curbs are aggressive for the suspensions at the exit.

What strategy for the race?

A pit stop is the norm at Spielberg and Pirelli is planning a “medium” – “hard” streak for the 71 laps.

Austrian Grand Prix

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Austrian Grand Prix

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