Caroline Margeridon déchaînée, poses sensuelles, elle s’affiche dans un lit avec un homme

Caroline Margeridon unleashed, sensual poses, she appears in a bed with a man

For fans of the show “Affaire Conclue”, Caroline Margeridon is probably no longer to present. And for good reason, she is one of the famous buyers of the flagship program of France 2. A multi-talented woman, the native of Biarritz is not only an antique dealer, but also an entrepreneur and an author.

On November 4, 2021, she notably published her first book entitled “Free! », which explains his presence at the Festival du Livre et des artistes, alongside big names from the PAF such as Michel Drucker (the festival’s sponsor), his great friend Sophie Davant, but also the writer Yann Moix and the journalist Roland Perez. It is with the latter that she did the show during the festival. Find out the details.

big kids

If on television, Caroline Margeridon seems very serious, in real life, the mother of the family is a real jokester. The proof ? On Sunday, during her visit to the Festival of Books and Artists to fight illiteracy, the one who will celebrate her 66th birthday on September 29, 2022 decided to treat the photographers of the festival by clowning around in front of the lenses, with the complicity of Roland Perez.

Initially, the star of the “Case concluded” program and the journalist were rather wise in posing alongside Sylvie Vartan who has recently become a great-grandmother following the birth of Ilona Smet’s child. But very quickly, the two big kids launched into very sensual and hilarious poses.

Sticking to each other in their arms, they even ended up together in a bed belonging to the Maison de la Literie. For information, the festival is sponsored by Pierre Elmalek, the founder of the brand. In short, visibly in great shape, our two accomplices posed together under the sheets. Must say they had a great time.

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“I must have a head to be cuckolded”

Even if Caroline Margeridon was very complicit with Roland Perrez, know that they are just friends. Besides, the pretty blonde is no longer a heart to take. For more than two years, she has been making perfect love with Switzerland by the name of Pascal. As a reminder, it was on the set of “L’instant de luxe” that the famous buyer revealed the identity of her companion. A romance that had started badly since she thought he was gay, which is why, according to her, she gave him her 06.

In short, it would seem that Caroline Margeridon is a happy woman in the arms of this man named Pascal. She who hasn’t had much luck in love. In her book, Caroline says that she was deceived in her previous relationships. And during an interview with the magazine Ici Paris, the former colleague of Pierre-Jean Chalençon had declared:

“I must have a head for being cuckolds! (…) The father of my children and then my ex-husband cheated on me. And they were dumb enough to get caught.”

Yet even after her pregnancy, she says she never let go.

“I found the line and I always maintained the intimacy in my relations. The basis of the couple is trust. In love as in friendship, I need exclusivity, ”she added afterwards.

In conflict with his mother

It must be said that betrayal in a couple, Caroline Margeridon does not tolerate it. Still in the columns of Here in Paris, she had notably confided:

“I’m from that generation of working women who walk away when cheated on, unlike our financially dependent mothers. »

Moreover, speaking of his mother, know that for several years, she no longer speaks to him.
During an interview with Gala, Caroline Margeridon, who learned to be independent at the age of 15, indulged in a few secrets about her complicated relationship with her mother. According to her account, her mother, who is of Vietnamese origin, spent her life wasting her money at the Casino and that she did not watch her.

“Little one, I took care of her. (…) It has too often happened that it… goes beyond the limits.”

A strong woman, Caroline Margeridon has decided to turn her difficult past into her greatest strength. Having become a mother in her turn, with her children, she is the complete opposite of the one who gave birth to him. As a reminder, the children of the famous PAF antique dealer are named Alexandre and Victoire, and they are undoubtedly his greatest pride.

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