Celine Dion sick: a big surprise is coming soon!

Celine Dion sick: a big surprise is coming soon!


Celine Dion fans last heard of the singer in September 2021. The singer announced at the time that all of her concerts scheduled to be held in Canada beginning in January 2022 would be cancelled. It was at the time a real blow for his fans who had nevertheless come to understand the situation. It was indeed at the time revealed that this icon of world music suffered from intense muscle pain which prevented him from standing for long. In addition to following an appropriate treatment, his attending physician had therefore prescribed a lot of rest. An instruction that she had followed to the letter by moving away entirely from the media scene for several months now.

A strong woman in life

Life hasn’t been the sweetest with Celine Dion in recent years. The singer had indeed started by losing her husband before falling prey to all kinds of illnesses. One of them had as a reminder touched his vocal cord. Having prevented him from going on stage for many months. Strong as she is, the widow of René Angélil had however managed to recover. We can even say that she came out much stronger from this experience. However, it was without counting on this new pathology from which she suffered in 2021. This was the consequence of all these years spent pleasing her audience, both in the studio and on stage.

Speaking of studio, Celine Dion today seems to be in top form. This explains the announcement that a return to business for the star would be considered. She would have even taken the paths of the studios in order to continue to do everything she knew how to do for all these years. That is, to sing. Who better than a collaboration with the great Jean-Jacques Goldman to celebrate his return to business? It would seem that the emblematic interpreter of I give you is in full in the edition of his new album entitled L’Héritage Goldman. The latter who would never dare to consider releasing such a project without this longtime friend whom he had accompanied throughout his career.

A long-awaited comeback

Celine Dion will therefore indeed appear on this new album by Jean-Jacques Goldman to the delight of her fans. She even took the opportunity to announce her return to the stage in 2023. Fans of the singer will therefore only have to wait a year before seeing her shine brightly at the peak of her art. What the singer’s fans appreciate most about her is undoubtedly her fighting spirit. A certain aura accompanies his songs and it’s as if you feel invigorated after listening to a piece. This is undoubtedly the magic of this exceptional artist, the widow of René Angélil.

Still as mysterious as regards the progress of her illness, Celine Dion continues, however, to worry the members of her community. The last time we saw her in a photo was on Mother’s Day and the mine she displayed was not the most reassuring. Let’s hope that his condition has so far evolved to the point of allowing him this gradual resumption of his activities.

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