Chamonix World Cup: qualifying results PlanetGrimpe

Chamonix World Cup: qualifying results PlanetGrimpe


Adam Ondra surprised us to come to this difficulty World Cup © Planetgrimpe

This is one of the most prestigious events on the international circuit: the Chamonix World Cup. As proof, this is one of the few competitions in which Adam Ondra has decided to participate this season. Hostilities began today with qualifying, where 175 athletes battled it out in two tough lanes. And the tops were numerous today: there are more than 57 in total!

On the side of the France team, they are eight to qualify for the semi-finals, which will take place tomorrow.

Full Chamonix World Cup qualifying summary.

Five climbers at the top of the two routes

Five of them beat gravity today. At the top of the list, we find the one that we no longer present: Janja Garnbret. As usual, the Slovenian impresses with her ease in linking movements. With a disconcerting relaxation, she reached the top of her two routes, once again taking first place in qualifying.

Behind her, we find the duo Disgusting man/Raboutou. The two Americans continue to shine on the international circuit. After their prolific bouldering season, Natalia and Brooke immediately moved on to the difficulty World Cups, with great success. During the first two stages, they won three medals. Today, they took over the Place du Mont Blanc by reaching the top of the two lanes, to the cheers of the public.

Brooke Raboutou delays before catching the last hold of the first qualifying route © Planetgrimpe

The fearsome Korean Chae Hyun Seo also takes first place in qualifying. Finalist in Villars and Innsbruck, we will have to count on her this weekend. Finally, the mountain air seems particularly beneficial to the Bulgarian Alexander Totkova. Last year, she created a surprise in Chamonix by mounting her first international podium. Since then, the 17-year-old had been more discreet in the rankings… Until today! Back in Chamonix, she makes a perfect entry by clipping the relay of the two qualifying routes.

Three French qualified for the semi-finals

Helene Janicot was the first to give us a tricolor top today. She followed her first route with great ease, before reaching the last part of the wall in the second route. She ranks 8th in the qualifications and will be the best Frenchwoman of the day. Behind her, we find Manon Hilywho takes 10th place by falling hand in the last hold on the first lane, and falling quite high in the second.

Once again, Hélène Janicot achieves the best French performance © Planetgrimpe

Finally, Camille Pouget performs well by taking 13th place, falling two takes from Manon. She comes back for us on her competition:

Qualifying went really well for me! I fall in the last movement of the first way, I’m really close to chaining it. The second way destabilized me more than the first, it was less my style. Nevertheless I put myself in a big fight, I passed all the cruxes and I fell a few holds before the top.

Now I plan to do the best possible in the semis and… I dream of a final! It’s my objective for the season, I strongly believe in it and I know that if I achieve my best run in the semi-finals, it’s possible. »

Camille Pouget

Will Camille Pouget succeed in reaching her goal for the season by qualifying for the finals tomorrow? © Planetgrimpe

The 26 women qualified in the semi-finals

11 ex-aequo in men!

The tops were particularly numerous among men. Eleven climbers managed to clip the relay of the two qualifying routes. The route setters had chosen to offer very resistant routes, without traps or random movements. Thus, all the favorites pass this first round successfully.

Special mention to Adam Ondrawho surprised us by moving to Chamonix. After a very difficult year 2021 because of the Olympic Games, he has chosen this season to devote himself to his outdoor projects. However, he came to measure himself against the best competitors on the planet this weekend, to the delight of the Chamonix public. And the Czech seems very fit. He overcomes his two qualifying lanes with disconcerting speed, even having the luxury of turning towards the crowd before finishing his second lane.

Adam Ondra ends this first day with a smile on his face © Planetgrimpe

Next to him are Alex Megas, Yannick Flohe, Skofic Domain, I guess it’s a job or Hamish McArthurwhich link the two routes of the day without difficulty.

Five French in the top 26 of qualifying

Five of our French climbers get their ticket to the semi-finals. At the top, we find Paul Jenftwho took 12th place. He falls in the last movement of his first route, before topping the second:

I didn’t climb very well on my first route, I missed something, the sensations weren’t there. But hey, these are things that happen on the first lane of competition. However, the result is still very satisfactory because I fall at the last movement. So I’m quite happy, because even without having too many sensations, I managed to produce a good result.

In the second way, everything went well. I chained it but it was not very hard, there must be about twenty to do it. But it still had to be topped and it’s not so easy to tell yourself that you have to chain it otherwise you don’t go to the half. »

Paul Jenft

Sam Dove and Arsene Duval also perform very well. They too clipped the relay of the first lane, before falling in the last moves of the second lane after big fights. Finally, Romaric Geffroy and Jeremy Bondier also qualify narrowly by monopolizing the last qualifying places.

The 26 men qualified in the semi-finals

The rest of the program

Saturday July 9:

9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.: Speed ​​finals

Sunday July 10:

10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.: Men’s and women’s difficulty semi-finals
8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.: Women’s difficulty final
9:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.: Men’s difficulty final

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