Denitsa Ikonomova : la star de “DALS” dévoile sa nouvelle maison avec piscine, attention les yeux (vidéo)

Denitsa Ikonomova: the star of “DALS” unveils her new house with swimming pool, watch your eyes (video)

Denitsa Ikonomova bought a new house on her birthday. Viewers will soon discover this home. We also wonder if she will invite her friend François Alu. The two dancers have been seen together lately. Rumors are circulating that they are a couple. But the dancer also went to Reunion Island for the protection of nature. Read the following article to get more details about this famous dancer…

Denitsa Ikonomova will soon open the doors of her house at 50’inside

Denitsa Ikonomova is now far from the parquet floors but close to nature and animals. She thus chose to recharge her batteries and could not find better. Denitsa takes advantage of resting in her new villa which she had bought on her birthday. This house is located in the south of France. Denitsa will open the doors to her home at 50’inside for viewers to get a glimpse of her slice of heaven on Saturday, July 9.

But we wonder if Denitsa Ikonomova will have the opportunity toinvite François Alu to his new home. These two members of the Dancing with the Stars jury have been very close for a few months. Many admirers even wonder if they are in a relationship. But they haven’t made any official statements about it so far.

The relationship between the dancer and François Alu

Denitsa Ikonomova and François Alu have nevertheless spent complicit moments together. They were seen on the Philippe Chatrier court a few weeks ago. It was during the women’s final of the Roland-Garros tournament. Denitsa had also denied that they are together. She even added that there was no slippage.

On October 11, 2021, the two friends are with Christian Millette at the Eiffel Tower theater to attend Ruben Molina’s show. The latter is a Spanish choreographer, dancer and actor passionate about flamenco. At Christmas, Denitsa Ikonomova and François Alu celebrated the holidays together by taking up the Harlem shake challenge on TikTok. In April 2022, Denitsa was in the front row to attend the consecration of François Alu who was named Etoile Dancer of the Paris Opera.

Denitsa Ikonomova traveled to Reunion Island and unveils her new home

Denitsa Ikonomova leads actions and supports associations. She traveled to Reunion Island in June to clean beaches and help abandoned animals. The dancer then filmed several orphan puppies and she fell for one of them. We then wonder if she was able to take him to his new home in the south of France.

Fans of Denitsa Ikonomova will have the chance to discover her corner of paradise in 50’inside on Saturday July 9. His new home has a large swimming pool and is surrounded by hills and trees. Which would undoubtedly allow him to recharge his batteries. We can then count on his friends and admirers wanting to visit him.

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