Digital Transformation |  On-demand IT experts

Digital Transformation | On-demand IT experts


Not all SMEs have the means to hire an information technology (IT) expert to diagnose their situation and plan a strategy that serves their objectives. Eficio responds to this need by offering the services of a news director on demand.

Posted Oct 7, 2021

Caroline Rodgers
Special cooperation

The English acronym CIO designates the news directori.e. the head of information technology within an organization. Valuable expertise for SMEs that often struggle to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology.

“In Quebec, more than 60% of companies have not invested enough in their IT over the past 15 years and have accumulated technological debt,” says Jean-François Thériault, Senior Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Eficio.

One of the good ways to overcome the lack of qualified personnel is to improve efficiency and automate certain tasks. We can thus solve certain problems of shortage of personnel by technological solutions.

Jean-François Thériault, Senior Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Eficio

These glaring needs within SMEs inspired the creation of Eficio.

“We think that a good number of SMEs would need our services,” says Jean-François Thériault. We have recruited ex-CIOs from large companies, they are people with extensive experience. Our name comes from efficiency and CIO, and our company started a little over six years ago, when we, my partner and I, had been in the information technology consulting service for 30 years.

“We have decided to help SMEs more to give them access to quality CIOs, without having to pay market salaries. This on-demand CIO service quickly became our core business. We offer highly experienced CIOs on a part-time basis, or on a temporary full-time basis. »

The CIO360 Audit

Around this bank of CIOs, Eficio has developed an audit approach called CIO360, the most popular tool with its customers.

“We go around 20 information technology themes by evaluating the client’s level of maturity in relation to them. This affects governance, infrastructure, human resources and IT projects. We assess the level of maturity and we submit a report with prioritized recommendations, which will give the client a master plan for the next two or three years. He ends up with a game plan for his IT to support his business plan. »

At the same time, the company has set up an ecosystem of tools and useful references for its customers, including a directory of suppliers, an advisory committee of experts and a circle of experienced CIOs that CIOs can consult on request in case of necessary during a mandate.

A CIO 360 audit to be won

To make itself known, Eficio is launching a competition for companies with 100 to 3,000 employees, which will allow them to win a CIO 360 audit worth $20,000. Businesses can register today at Entries will continue until October 29, and the name of the winning company will be revealed on November 8.

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