Eric Kripke reassures fans about this character's future

Eric Kripke reassures fans about this character’s future


On July 8, 2022, Premium Video unveiled the eighth and final episode of season 3 of The Boys. The opportunity to have many of our questions, but also to make our farewell to some characters… During the cliffhanger, everything suggests that this superhero will disappear from the radar, but Eric Kripke, the showrunner, comes contradict this idea !


The Boys season 3, a finale as violent as it is powerful

After a final epic and violent teaser, Prime Video unveiled the eighth and final episode of season 3 of The Boys this July 8. Fans were eager to find out how this new salvo was going to end, and it seems that they are not disappointed! Eric Kripke promised that the last episode would be even more violent than that of the Herogasm and he hadn’t lied to us.

As planned by Butcher from the beginning of the series, Soldier Boy faced Homelander, his biological child. A theory would also have it that Stormfront is the mother of the Protector… Joined by Billy and Queen Maeve, the Little Soldier was clearly announced as the big winner of this affront. Unfortunately, he hadn’t planned the arrival of Ryan, taking advantage of the same powers as his parent and ready to do anything to defend him… After the little boy pulverized his grandfather with his laser eyes, Soldier Boy had only one idea: to reduce the little boy to dust. However, it was unbearable for Butcher to accept that, Ryan being the son of his late partner… Billy therefore changed sides to try to annihilate the very powerful Little Soldier. For her part, Maeve took the initiative to jump out of the Vought Tower with Soldier Boy, exploding.

If all the spectators thought that Maeve was going to die at the end of this heroic act, they were as much delighted as surprised to see thatshe had survived the explosion of Soldier Boy. However, when she woke up, she was devoid of powers… As for the Little Soldier, it’s a return to square one! The Supe of the 80s has it again been locked in a capsule. After this cliffhanger, fans wondered about the future of these two superheroes in season 4 of The Boys. If Eric Kripke did not give further details on the fate of the Supe embodied by Jensen Ackles, he did, however, confirm the return of Queen Maeve in future episodes.

Queen Maeve does not bid farewell to The Boys

“The Boys will certainly not end without seeing Queen Maeve again”he explained to TV Line. However, he specifies that the superheroine will not necessarily be back in the next episodes, but will return before the end of the story of The Boys. Like the plot around the connection between Homelander and Soldier Boy, Eric Kripke modified the story arc of Maeve for the serial adaptation of The Boys.

In fact, in the comics, superheroine dies after sacrificing herself to save Starlight from Homelander. In the series, the showrunner wanted to give her a second chance, even if she is now powerless. As he explains, despite its gore and violent side, The Boys has a moral basis. Maeve is loved by fans for making good choices in her life, which is why she deserves a happy ending. After all she’s been through, she can finally take time for her alongside her girlfriend, without the Protector coming to ruin her life. If she doesn’t come back right away The Boysbe sure that it has not yet finished making people hear about it!

Fans should wait less time before discovering season 4 of The Boys on their screens, and for good reason, shooting begins at the end of August 2022. One can imagine that Homelander will train Ryan, his son, to become a superhero as sadistic as him, that Victoria Neuman, future vice-president, will continue to satisfy his power, especially since she made an agreement with Le Protector… If Soldier Boy does not return in the next episodes, we can also assume that a new antagonist will enter season 4 of The Boys. The satirical series has barely ended that viewers are already eager to discover the sequel!

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