Découvrez ce que signifie cette cicatrice que beaucoup de Français ont sur le bras gauche

Find out what this scar that many French people have on their left arm means

People affected by this scar are often born before the 70s. If you are one of the chosen ones to have it, here is the cause of its presence on your body. Usually it is on the left arm, but can sometimes change location. In this article we will therefore drill the mystery and revealed the origin of this scar.


The lucky owners of this scar are often in their forties or older. This scar has a meaning, it is not a common denominator of chance. It seems to come from a long time ago. It dates back to the 18th century. At that time life was marked by smallpox. It raged and killed many people. So therefore, we are now inoculated against it. Well, it would be because we were vaccinated that this special task appeared.

When we thought we were done with smallpox for a while now, it seems to be coming back in a new form. Monkey pox.

Smallpox scar

The scar is usually round, with a special outline. It is also more or less visible depending on the person. It is therefore the cause of the vaccine against smallpox. This disease was viral and highly contagious, which is why it killed so many people. She was also a pandemic, like our famous friend COVID. Smallpox has been responsible for several tens of thousands of deaths per year in Europe. Great people died from it, Beethoven, Mirabeau, Danton, Mozart…

The disease being a pandemic, it was spreading very quickly. It is characterized by numerous pustules on the body as well as the face. Until 1970, the vaccine against smallpox was obligatory for all children. At the same time, at that time the disease was still very present all over the world. This is how the vaccine put in place was able to save many lives.

But now, in addition to saving lives, this vaccine creates a mark that does not leave on the body. Usually it appears on the arm. So, if you want to know if someone is vaccinated against smallpox, look at whether or not he has a smallpox scar. This mark is actually a direct result of the bite itself. After receiving the dose of vaccine, it blisters and once subsided, only the scar remains.

If today these vaccines no longer leave any trace, it is because the needles are no longer the same. Now we are talking about double-pointed needles, which prick the epidermis several times and in different places. This means that the vaccine spreads better and evenly, no longer causing this swelling reaction. But the scar that many do not appreciate was nevertheless the sign of a good vaccination!

monkey pox

Since January 1980, smallpox has disappeared in the West. But these vaccine reminders are no longer mandatory. Vaccination is therefore no longer useful, unless you plan to travel to a country where this virus is still present. But on the positive side, it is surely the only disease that man has managed to completely eradicate. Unfortunately, it still exists, especially in animals. Like that of the monkey. But fortunately, this one is only very little dangerous for the Man. It has a mortality threshold below 10%. So it’s really little. There is therefore no state of emergency to be expected. Although the smallpox vaccine might help, it hasn’t been used much since it’s no longer mandatory.

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