Florent Pagny, « c’est la fin », sa mise au point cash…

Florent Pagny, “it’s the end”, his cash tune-up…

He had confided in his treatment. The least we can say is that the chemotherapy of the darling of Azucena is far from easy. Here are the revelations of Florent Pagny.

His secrets about his illness

Florent Pagny is a very popular artist in France. It is therefore not a surprise that the French were saddened when they learned that the singer is suffering from cancer. As a reminder, it was at the beginning of the year 2022 that the musician had shared this sad news with his fans. And this, through a video shared on Instagram.

However, despite the danger of his illness, Florent Pagny has always kept courage since the beginning of his fight and his presence in the final of “The Voice” is proof of this. Moreover, before this final, the dad of Inca and Aël spoke about his cancer with Nikos Aliagas, for Gala.

That day, he revealed that once the season of “The Voice” was over, he was going to start his last chemotherapy, “and then it’s over! “. Very positive about his discomfort, Florent Pagny already knows what he will do once his cancer is defeated.

“I’m going to fix myself, enjoy life, my loved ones close to nature and it’s a chance,” he revealed.

He also added that he will do “checks” during the six months of his chemotherapy and after that he will return to the stage. In the meantime, the musician must “fill in” a little according to his words.

Chemotherapy not at all easy

If today the state of health of Florent Pagny has improved, the singer has not at all experienced easy chemotherapy, according to his revelations. After claiming that he was coming out of the tunnel, the protective father confessed to having undergone the “pure chemo”.

A treatment which according to him “castagne” and is also accompanied by X-rays. During this more than difficult period, Florent Pagny had in particular faced a heartache for more than ten days.

“You know, the seasickness you keep after being on dry land for a week,” he added.

He explains that his first two chemotherapies were easier, but from the third, things got a little more complicated. Indeed, after noticing that Azucena’s companion had “reacted very well” to his first chemos, the doctors made the following ones a little harder.

It seems that his treatments paid off since according to Florent Pagny during this interview, the size of his tumor had shrunk. If at first it was the size of “a good kiwi”, then the inoperable cancerous tumor is the size of a hazelnut.

There is no doubt that his strength, his courage and his optimism are for something. Especially since Florent Pagny is very well supported during his fight. In addition to the fans who continue to send him their love since the sad announcement, the singer can also count on his own. Namely his wife Azucena and their two children: Inca and Aël.

His secrets about death

Long before the diagnosis of his cancer, Florent Pagny had mentioned death. At that time, the singer had been interviewed by France Bleu on the occasion of the release of his title “After us”. During his interview, Azucena’s companion shared how he longs to leave this world.

If Florent Pagny admits not thinking too much about it, he nevertheless specifies that he would like to lose his life “with a smile”. He also said he does not want to die young, but would like to live as long as he can, “without being sick”. Once gone, Florent Pagny would like him to be “burned at the stake”, because where he comes from, he says, the dead are not buried.

“I will go up in smoke and it will look like me,” he concluded.

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