Geyoro sees triple, the Bleues start with a festival!  - Dbrief and NOTES of the players (France 5-1 Italy) - Football

Geyoro sees triple, the Bleues start with a festival! – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (France 5-1 Italy) – Football


Thanks to a first period of high quality, the French team played against Italy (5-1) this Sunday during the first day of Group D of the Women’s Euro. With a tripl, Grace Geyoro produced a superb performance.

Grace Geyoro shone with Les Bleues.

Les Bleues have ideally started this Women’s Euro! On the first day of Group D, the French team easily outclassed Italy (5-1) this Sunday. With in particular a hat-trick from Grace Geyoro, the French played and delighted in the first period.

Despite a much less mastered second act, Corinne Deacon’s players logically imposed themselves to take the lead in this pool ahead of Iceland and Belgium, who failed to separate (1-1).

Les Bleues let loose, Geyoro enjoys!

From the first minutes, the Blues projected themselves into the opposing camp by exerting great pressure on the Italians. And yet, Bonansea got the first chance of the match by stumble against Peyraud-Magnin! A time cooled by this alert, the players of Deacon moved forward and opened the scoring with a cross from Diani badly repelled by Gama on Geyoro, who scored with a shot from close range (1-0, 9th). In the crowd, goalkeeper Giuliani also made the mistake of a cross from Karchaoui and Katoto took the opportunity to make the break (2-0, 12′)!

In demonstration, the French unrolled and Katoto, with a header on the post, then Cascarino, with a missed ball in front of the empty cage, were on the verge of driving the point home… Subsequently, the pace logically dropped, but the Blues remained in control. And before the break, Cascarino took part in the celebration by unleashing a superb shot entering the area (3-0, 39th), before a new goal signed Geyoro, which wiped out Giuliani after a superb service from Katoto (4-0, 41st )! Stunning ! After a save from Giuliani against Diani, the Italian goalkeeper did not avoid the sinking of hers with a hat-trick for Geyoro (5-0, 45th)!

Piemonte saves honor

Upon returning from the locker room, the pace logically dropped with less enterprising French women. Conversely, the Italians tried to recover, but chained technical blunders. Plunged into a nightmare, the Nazionale thought they would sink a little more with the expulsion of Gama, but the VAR intervened to only sanction the Italian captain with a yellow despite a big shock on Geyoro.

Less concentrated, France foiled and Piemonte, on a good cross from Boattin, managed to save the honor with a lobed header (5-1, 77th). After this goal, Bacha, with a nice save on his line, and Peyraud-Magnin, with a fine save on a Piemonte header, allowed the Bleues to manage until the final whistle. With this very large victory, the tricolor selection is in any case a perfect start to this competition.

The score of the match: 7.5/10

A real demonstration of the French team! For the French supporters, this match was logically pleasant with attractive play, rhythm and many goals in the first period. However, we can still regret a long one-sided part and a much less lively second act.

The goals :

– Well shifted by Prisset on the right side, Diani eliminates his opponent before crossing into the area. Badly repelled by Gama, the ball returned to Geyoro, who opened the scoring from close range with a shot placed (1-0, 9th).

– Launches deep on the left following a long ball from Renard, Karchaoui performs a tight cross at the near post. Yet alone, Giuliani misses and gives the leather Katoto, who breaks point blank (2-0, 12th).

– Served at the entrance to the area on the left side by Karchaoui, Cascarino decides to transplant in the axis before unleashing a superb strike to deceive Giuliani (3-0, 39th)! Wonderful !

– Following a reversal by Renard, Prisset serves Katoto, who immediately puts the ball in deep for Geyoro. With a happy control, the Frenchwoman goes towards the goal, eliminates the Italian goalkeeper before scoring in the empty net (4-0, 41st).

– On a ball recovered very high by Geyoro, Toletti finds himself served on the left side. From a center back in the area, the Habs found Geyoro, who offered himself a tripl with a cross shot (5-0, 45th). What a demonstration!

– From the left side, Boattin makes a nice center in the area. Ideally placed behind Renard but ahead of Karchaoui, Piemonte adjusted a nice lobed header to deceive Peyraud-Magnin (5-1, 77′).

The NOTES of the French

Maxifoot awarded a mark (out of 10) comments on each player in France

The woman of the match: Grace Geyoro (9.5/10)

What a performance for the player of the France team! An uncertain time for this Euro after a knee alert, the Frenchwoman was well present for the start of this competition. And what a game! In the midfield, she clearly imposed her law and ideally launched her meeting by opening the scoring from close range. Confident afterwards, the Parisienne recited her football with two more goals to earn a hat-trick. Wonderful ! Replaces the 66th minute with Kenza Dali (unknown).


Pauline Peyraud-Magnin (7) : the goalkeeper of the France team was solid. At the start of the game, the player from Juventus Turin pulled out all the stops to save her partners by winning a duel in front of Bonansea. And even afterwards, without being in great danger, she exuded a beautiful serenity in her interventions. On the goal of Piemonte, she has nothing to reproach herself for. And finally, we enjoyed his last save against Piemonte.

Eve Prisset (6.5) : At the start of the game, the side was beaten on the occasion of Bonansea. However, the Chelsea player raised her head well, notably with a positive aggressiveness in the duels. Involved in two goals (the first and the fourth), she was interesting with an attacking face.

Aissatou Tounkara (6) : prefers Mbock for this meeting, the defender of Atlético Madrid justified the confidence of coach Corinne Deacon. With Renard, she formed a strong hinge despite a little scare on Bonansea’s opportunity. Serene, the French woman lived up to this meeting.

Wendie Fox (7) : the captain of the France team lost an aerial duel at the start of the match on the occasion of Bonansea. And it’s almost the only negative action of his match! Afterwards, the Lyonnaise totally dominated the debates. Defensively, the Habs suffocated the Italians with an impressive presence in the duels. Then above all, she delighted in her raises, with several long balls to launch her teammates, in particular on two goals (the second and the fourth). We can all the same regret his little oversight behind his back on the realization of Piemonte.

Sakina Karchaoui (7) : on the left side, the side of the French team was particularly offensive. Relieved of her defensive tasks thanks to the domination of Les Bleues, the Parisian was relatively in little danger and was especially noted for her sharp climbs. Decisive on Katoto’s goal with a cross badly repelled by the opposing goalkeeper, she also shifted Cascarino on his goal. Small problem: his omission on the goal of Piemonte. Replaces the 87th minute with Sandy Baltimore (unrated).

Grace Geyoro (9.5) : read the comment above.

Charlotte Bilbault (6.5) : in a role in the shadows, the player from the France team held her rank perfectly. In this sector of the game, the Italians have experienced great difficulties thanks to the important work of the Héraultaise in recovery. To top it off, she was interesting in the orientation of the game with good transmissions.

Sandie Toletti (7) : necessarily less in the light compared to Geyoro, the Frenchwoman has not yet suffered in the midfield. With great activity, the Levante player fought on all the balls and was capable of good projections. Moreover, she was rewarded for her efforts with a decisive pass on Geyoro’s third goal.

Kadidiatou Diani (7) : on the right side, the Parisienne had juice! Immediately in the right rhythm, the Frenchwoman put Boattin through a real hell, still struggling against her. Thanks to her liveliness, she made the difference on the opener by provoking Gama’s error. Even without being decisive afterwards, it continued to create danger, like a strike repelled by Giuliani. Replaces the 77th minute with Selma Bacha (unknown)who made a superb save on his line at the end of the game.

Marie Antoinette Katoto (8) : the striker of the France team had an excellent match! Particularly interesting in the game thanks to her diversions, the Parisian took advantage of a big mistake by Giuliani to find the way to the net. In the crowd, she was close to a double with a header on the post. Thereafter, she played really well, the image of a superb decisive pass on Geyoro’s second goal. Replaces the 77th minute with Ouleymata Sarr (unknown).

Delphine Cascarino (7.5) : left, the player of the France team actively participated in the offensive festival of Les Bleues. Rather discreet at first, the Lyonnaise began to get into action with a caviar for Katoto, who found the post. Lance, she unleashed a superb strike at the entrance to the surface to score before the break. And she could also have assisted Diani, who scored on Giuliani. Unfortunately hit in the knee, she was replaced in the 66th minute by Melvine Malard (no note).

And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? React in the zone of “comments” below !

FRANCE 5-1 ITALY (half-time: 5-0) – Women’s Euro – Group D / 1st day
Stadium : New York Stadium – Referee: Rebecca Welch

But : Geyoro (9th, 41st, 45th), Katoto (12th), Cascarino (39th) for France; Piemonte (77th) for Italy.
Warnings: Boattin (16th), Simonetti (51st), Gama (63rd) for Italy.

FRANCE : Peyraud-Magnin – Prisset, Tounkara, Renard, Karchaoui (Baltimore, 87th) – Geyoro (Dali, 66th), Bilbault, Toletti – Diani (Bacha, 77th), Katoto (Sarr, 77th), Cascarino (Malard, 66th).
ITALY : Giuliani – Bartoli, Gama, Linari, Baottin – Caruso (Piedmont, 73rd), Giugliano (Simonetti, 45th), Galli (Rosucci, 45th) – Bergamaschi, Girelli (Giacinti, 57th), Bonansea (Di Guglielmo, 81st).

The joy of the Bleues on the opening of the score of Geyoro (1-0, 9th)

At close range, Katoto found the net (2-0, 12th)

Cascarino took part in the celebration with a nice strike (3-0, 39th)

Geyoro’s big smile after his second goal (4-0, 41st)

In the crowd, the French offered herself a tripl (5-0, 45th)

Piemonte saved the honor of the header (5-1, 77th)

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