Justine Cordule (Large Families) recounts the domestic accident suffered by her son Lubin

Justine Cordule (Large Families) recounts the domestic accident suffered by her son Lubin


Justine Cordule (Large families: life in XXL) posted an Instagram Story on Saturday, July 9, in which she recounts the traumatic experience her son Lubin went through while on vacation.

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The big scares accumulate for the Cordule family. Last June, Justine Cordule, one of the mothers revealed in the show Large families: life in XXL on TF1, announced disturbing news to its subscribers on Instagram: one of its seven children, Tom, was hit by a car. Luckily, the boy got away with it. But this Saturday, July 9, while the tribe is currently on holiday in the sun, the mother of the family said that two other accidents had disrupted their stay. In effect, Timeoone of the boys of the siblings, had to be taken to the emergency room after sprained thumb. But the clan’s misadventures don’t stop there: Lubinanother of his sons, was victim of a domestic accident. In a story posted on Instagram, Justine Cordule told everything to her community.

“Lubin made a big mistake”

We accumulate seriousright now (…). We’ve been cast a spellit’s not possible”first lamented the mother of Timéo, Tom, Cloé, Toan, Lilas-Rose, Lubin and Lyson, before detailing what happened to her son. “The night before last, Lubin made a big mistake. I didn’t talk about it right away because we were really worried, but we have to I share it because it can happen to anyone. We didn’t do the right thing”, she began. Justine Cordule then explained that Lubin had gone to rummage through the kitchen cupboards of their mobile home, which the family rents for the holidays, and found there… laundry pods.

The little boy took a bite out of a detergent pod

“He kept saying to me, ‘The pods, they look like slime’reported Justine Cordule, who refers here to this famous sticky and malleable dough very popular with children. “At once, we hear howling. He had taken a pod and he had crunched she revealed. The latter then claimed to have undertaken to clean her son in the shower, including washing his mouth. Lubin a ensuite vomitand his parents gave him given to drink. Except that these last two actions should absolutely not be performed after ingesting hazardous materials like these.

“It’s the thing not to do”

We got him drunk, but that’s the wrong thing to do, said Justine Cordule, who had confirmation from the poison control center. She then wanted to make prevention by sharing the right actions to adopt in this type of situation. You don’t have to make him drink. You have to take a damp cloth and clean your mouthshe explained, before going on to say that she then made Lubin sleep in a sitting position and that she watched him all night, after giving him dry biscuits supposed to absorb the products that he could have swallowed. Fortunately, Lubin had no not swallowed detergent. All’s well that ends well, then. Preferring to anticipate criticism, Justine Cordule still wanted to make an update: Perfect moms, refrain from commenting, these are things that happen to everyone.” But the troubles could well continue for the family, since in an Instagram post, Justine Cordule indicated that they received a bad newswithout giving more details…

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