Karine Ferri révèle enfin les vraies raisons de son départ de "Danse avec les stars"

Karine Ferri finally reveals the real reasons for her departure from “Dancing with the Stars”

Karine Ferri had a great career on M6 and C8 before joining TF1. She notably started with The voice and The voice kids. But she recently announced that she will no longer host Dancing with the Stars. The host has also given more details on the subject according to our colleagues from Public. What are the reasons for this departure? We take stock for you!

Karine Ferri: a great career on M6, C8 then on TF1

Karine Ferri has made a career on M6 and C8. She stood out in 2004, during the second season of the show Bachelor, the single gentleman. On the TNT channel, she hosts various programs such as Mademoiselle Cinéma, Ma vie and L’amour au menu. She joined TF1 in 2012 as co-host of The voice and The voice kids with Nikos Alagas. Very quickly, she proved herself and the TF1 group entrusted her with several shows.

Karine Ferri then presents Baby Boom, The Great Beastmaster, The Loto Draw, The Thirty Stories and The Most Beautiful Brides. From 2005 to 2007, she lived a magnificent love story with Grégory Lemarchal, winner of the first edition of Star Academy. She accompanied the young singer, who died in 2007, until the end in his fight against cystic fibrosis.

An announcement of his departure from Dancing with the stars on social networks

Since 2019, Karine Ferri has hosted Dance with the Stars with Camille Combal. But she is relegated to the background in 2020 to present the after party of this famous dance competition. The host finally decided to leave the program. Contrary to what was suggested in the form of rumors on social media, she was not fired.

On June 29, Karine Ferri, wife of Yoann Gourcuff, announced on social networks that she will no longer appear in this famous TF1 show. She said she wanted to let netizens know, before others do, that she will no longer be at the animation of Dals, the debrief, for the next school year. She will continue to work on Chroniques Criminelles and The voice kids, among others.

Karine Ferri: disagreement with Camille Combal

Karine Ferri loved working on this program, with a lot of emotions and twists. She said that the team was great. The mother of the family lived the experience of an apprentice dancer with happiness. She grew up on this show. The TF1 channel has always listened to his wishes and respected his choice. If she decided to leave, this does not mean that she did not appreciate this show, very important in the grid of TF1.

The next season of Dancing with the Stars is in full preparation. The departure of Karine Ferri is not a simple decision of the host who would like other adventures on the channel. It was actually an obvious choice because of his misunderstanding and his collaboration become complicated with Camille Combal. It remains to be seen, now, where the desire for adventure will take him… Camille Combal reacted to this announcement by wondering with whom he will do his after parties. He announced that he will miss her too much.

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