LIVE, Austrian GP: Leclerc leads the dance

LIVE, Austrian GP: Leclerc leads the dance


40/71: Vettel in the gravel pit

Yellow flag after leaving the track following a collision with Gasly. It leaves without damage. An investigation is opened.

37/71: Verstappen off grid

Again, he put on hard rubber and came out third.

34/71: Verstappen not happy with his car

He complains about the unpredictability of his car: “It’s crazy!”, confides the Dutchman on the radio. Halfway through the race, he was five seconds behind Leclerc.

33/71: Leclerc passes Verstappen again!

Even more easily than the first time, the Monegasque regained the lead of the race. Verstappen’s turn to have the DRS.

31/71: the gap narrows between Leclerc and Verstappen

More than two seconds ahead for the Dutchman, Leclerc is gradually approaching.

29/71: Ocon overtakes Hamilton

The Frenchman passed the Briton, who was coming out of the pits.

27/71: Sainz’s turn

We copy and paste the strategy at Ferrari, while Verstappen takes control.

26/71: Leclerc at the stand!

He put on hard tires and came out 3rd, ahead of Hamilton and behind Verstappen. Carlos Sainz leads the race.

24/71: Ocon continues to grab places

The Alpine driver is 6th, just ahead of Tsunoda and Magnussen. Five drivers stand in a pocket handkerchief to hang on to 7th place.

21/71: Ocon in the points

Pierre Gasly is in 16th position, while Esteban Ocon is now 9th.

18/71: big battle between Verstappen and Hamilton

The Dutchman easily passed the Briton and advanced to 3rd, 19 seconds behind Sainz.

13/71: Verstappen away!

Hard rubber for the world champion.

12/71: Leclerc passes!

This time it’s the right one for Leclerc, who sneaks into a mouse hole at turn 4, passing through the inside!

10/71: Leclerc’s overtaking attempt!

In turn three, the Monegasque attacks his competitor, who knows he won’t be able to hold out for long.

8/71: Verstappen under threat from Ferrari

The DRS is activated for the Monegasque, who is half a second behind the world champion.

5/71: Mick Schumacher doubles Hamilton

No complex for the Haas driver, who doubles without worry the Briton, who is now in 8th place.

3/71: Verstappen takes fastest lap

The Dutchman finished in 1’10″373.

1/71: Let’s go!

Very good start from Verstappen, who takes control in front of Leclerc and Sainz under the smoke. Big contact between Perez and Russell, the Red Bull driver ends up in the gravel trap!

Let’s go for the formation lap

The drivers will cover 71 laps on the Spielberg circuit, made up of 10 corners.

Leclerc absent from the podium for 5 GP

While he had made a good start to the season. As a reminder, he will start behind Verstappen and ahead of his teammate Carlos Sainz, winner at Silverstone last week.

The Austrian anthem sounds

The start of the race is scheduled in 15 minutes.

Hamilton’s message ‘sickened’ by some fans’ behavior

After a press release from the FIA, Lewis Hamilton also wanted to express his anger against certain spectators present at Spielberg for the Austrian Grand Prix: “Disgusted and disappointed to hear that certain fans are victims of racist, homophobic or abusive behavior on the circuit this weekend, wrote the Mecedes driver on his Instagram account, just before the race (3 p.m.) Attending the Austrian Grand Prix or any other GP should never be a source of anxiety or pain for the fans. Something needs to be done to keep the races safe for everyone. Please if you see anything like this report it to security or @f1. We can’t sit back and let this pass.”

“Unacceptable” comments from fans singled out by organizers

This Sunday, F1 published a press release on its Twitter account to denounce several unacceptable comments from some supporters present in Spielberg for the Austrian Grand Prix. In addition to anti-sporting whistles addressed to Lewis Hamilton, several spectators denounced sexist and homophobic insults on the part of certain fans on social networks. “We take this very seriously and have raised this with the race promoter, security and will speak with those who have reported these incidents. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” the statement read.

Part of the public particularly applauded the exit from the track by Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) on Friday during qualifying.

Hello everyone

A week after a crazy British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the paddock is back to business at Spielberg for the Austrian Grand Prix.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen (Red Bull) won the second sprint race of the season and will start on pole this Sunday ahead of rivals Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. The two Ferrari drivers also fought a big fight on Saturday, even coming close to a collision. Proof without doubt that the tensions have not fallen at the Scuderia …

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