LIVE - Wimbledon: Djokovic wins the second set and resets the counters against Kyrgios

LIVE – Wimbledon: Djokovic wins the second set and resets the counters against Kyrgios


Mayhem in the stands

As Djokovic prepares to serve, the game is interrupted for a few seconds due to a fight in the stands. Those concerned are quickly evacuated and the game can resume.

Kyrgios still in the race but….

Once again in difficulty on his serve (despite a lead taken at the start, Kyrgios manages to get his game with an ace. But Djokovic’s calm could get the better of a Kyrgios who seems to lose his cool.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 6-3, 1-2

Kyrgios reverses the situation

Despite his difficulties, Kyrgios has resources and ends up winning the first game of this third set via yet another ace. The Australian has not yet cracked in this meeting.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 6-3, 0-1

Already a break point for Djokovic

Impressive and calm at the start of the match, Kyrgios, still annoyed by the lack of public support, struggled to find solutions on his own service and made many mistakes. First break point for Djokovic (40-30).

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 6-3, 0-0

Djokovic resets the counters to zero

Annoyed by the public for a few minutes, Kyrgios did not confirm his break points and saw a serene Djokovic win this game and thus win the second round.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 6-3

Kyrgios gets annoyed

Kyrgios grows impatient and criticizes the public for distracting him. After having had three break points, the Australian saw Djokovic come back to his height (40-40)

Debreak coming for Kyrgios?

Two opportunities to break for Kyrgios, which would revive a big suspense in this second set.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 5-3

What a point snatched by Kyrgios!

Sacred point won by Kyrgios on Djokovic’s service. Thanks to a long forehand that Djokovic cannot take back (to the point of falling), the Australian takes a good lead on Djokovic’s serve (0-30)

Kyrgios stays in the game

Kyrgios does not give up and remains formidable on his serve, even if he happens to touch the net a little more often. Decisive game to come on Djokovic’s service.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 5-3

Djokovic close to winning the second set

Little put in difficulty on his service, Djokovic now only needs one game to return to a set everywhere. Given the gap in the score, Kyrgios will have had a hard time coming back to the score, even if nothing is impossible.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 5-2

First double fault for Kyrgios

So sharp on his serve, Kyrgios concedes his first double fault. Despite this, the Australian managed to take the Serbian on the wrong foot and reduced the gap with a final ace.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 4-2

Djokovic confirms his son’s breakup

Put in difficulty on his serve, Djokovic took advantage of an error from Kyrgios which touched the net, in order to confirm his break and take a big advantage in this second set.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 4-1

The break for Djokovic

Djokovic confirms his excellent game by obtaining the first break of this second set. The match is definitely launched between the two finalists.

The score of the match:

Djokovic – Kyrgios : 4-6, 3-1

First break chances for Djokovic

For the first since the start of the match, Kyrgios is in trouble on his serve. If his ablles remain strong, Djokovic has more ease in sending them back and pushing his opponents to error. Three break points for the Serb (40-0).

The score of the match:

Djokovic: 4 – 2
Kyrgios: 6 – 1

A balanced start to the second round

Like the first round, the second starts quite quietly with the two players who won the game quite easily on their respective serves.

The score of the match:

Djokovic: 4 – 1
Kyrgios: 6 – 1

First set for Kyrgios

Ultimately anecdotal error. In the process, Kyrgios gets the first set win with a new ace to his credit. Djokovic is already in trouble in this Wimbledon final.

First set:

Djokovic: 4
Kyrgios: 6

Missed setback for Kyrgios

Oh the completely unscrewed backhand of Kyrgios which allows Djokovic to return to 40-40 in this decisive game in this first set.

The stat on Kyrgios’ services

Proof of the good form of Kyrgios, the latter managed to snatch 16 points in a row on his serve. Enough to allow him to win the first set? (30-30)

Decisive duel for the first set to come

Djokovic does not admit defeat and also takes advantage of a white game to keep the hope of reversing the trend in this first round (4-5). Kyrgios’ upcoming serve will be decisive.

Intractable Kyrgios on serve

What a start from Nick Kyrgios. On his serve, the Australian leaves no way out for Djokovic and again releases a shutout. He is not very far from winning the first round (3-5).

Djokovic closes the gap

We feel Kyrgios in great confidence in this final, but Djokovic does not panic and on an ace, the Serb reduces the gap with a shutout (3-4).

Kyrgios confirms break

Reverse smach, balls on the wrong foot, Kyrgios delights in this final and confirms his break in this first round (2-4).

The break for Kyrgios!

Double fault by Djokovic which allows Kyrgios to take the lead in the first round of this final (2-3).

Break opportunity for Kyrgios

First break opportunity in this fifth game for Kyrgios. Thanks to a long ball on the left side of the Serb, the Australian has three break points (15-40).

Kyrgios well in his game

Between the well-controlled amortizations and the ace, Kyrgios started this Grand Slam final well. To see if the Australian will manage to put Djokovic in more difficulty.

White game for Kyrgios

Thanks to an ace, Kyrgios quickly returns to the height of Djokovic and takes the opportunity to register the first shutout of the meeting (2-2).

A balanced game

Break opportunities are rare at the start of the match. In control of his serve, Djokovic regains the advantage over his opponent in this first set (2-1).

Kyrgios equalizes

Badly controlled cushioning from Djokovic which allows Kyrgios to return to his height in this first round (1-1).

Trade intensifies

On Kyrgios’ service, the exchanges between the two finalists intensified. After having put the Serbian in difficulty via amortization, the Australian took off in the second game (0-40).

Djokovic kicks off the game

First game won by Djokovic who takes advantage of a ball poorly controlled by Kyrgios and which flies out of bounds.

The game begins!

The game between the two players now begins. It is Novak Djokovic who serves in this first game.

Kyrgios and Djokovic warm up

The start of this Wimbledon final is only a matter of minutes away. Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios are still warming up.

The surprising deal between the two finalists

After an exchange on social networks, Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios have agreed to spend Sunday evening together after facing each other in the Wimbledon final. But the winner will have to pay the bill

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Kyrgios is cooler

The Australian missed his semi-final due to Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal, while Djokovic came out in four sets to get rid of local darling Cameron Norrie.

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Welcome to this live to follow the Wimbledon grand final in the men’s draw. After the coronation of Elena Rybakina in women, which of Novak Djokovic or Nick Kyrgios will win the third Grand Slam of the season? The game starts at 3 p.m.

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