Mia Frye says she only stayed in touch with one of the L5s (VIDEO)

Mia Frye says she only stayed in touch with one of the L5s (VIDEO)


All the women in your life, A spark, question of survivalThese hits that some nostalgic people still hum, in memory of their youth, marked an entire generation. In 2001, M6 viewers witnessed the creation of a brand new girl band: the L5. Lydy, MarjorieCoralie, Alexandra and Claire rose to prominence by winning the very first season of musical telecrochet pop starswhich was also the first program of this type broadcast on French television. During their career, they have been accompanied by one of the members of the jury de pop starswhich is none other than Mia Fryefamous choreographer who notably worked for Madonna, Prince, Jeanne Mas or the group Los del Rio, to whom we owe the famous piece Macarena. The Franco-American dancer has thus staged a number of their concerts. But if Lydy, Marjorie, Coralie, Alexandra and Claire have separated in 2006 (even if a possible return has recently been mentioned), Mia Frye is still stayed in touch with one of themas she confided on the set of TPMP People, on C8, Saturday July 9.

“I love it”

I’m good friends with Lydy, so Louisy Josephrevealed the ex-candidate of The Celebrity Farm. And their bond is so strong that she even considers her a full member of her family. I adore her, she is like my daughter, added Mia Frye. A friendship that might not have existed, both the collaboration with the girls of the group was complicated for Mia Frye. Indeed, on the C8 set, the choreographer implied that the young singers had not been professional enough. Due to this lack of work, Mia Frye had even taken the decision to no longer collaborate with them.

Mia Frye did not find them prepared enough

“I start from the principle that when we create a group, we are there to bring dreams, we are there to make children dream. For me, it’s about keeping that professionalism from start to finishhammered the dancer, who also pointed out that the behavior of Lydy, Marjorie, Coralie, Alexandra and Claire contrasted greatly with that of world-famous artists with whom she had worked. “I’m used to very professional people who go all the way. I work with Prince, for a week we shot a clip, he arrived at 5:30 in the morning, he had his hair done, made up…”she remembered.

“At one point, I was tired”

So when Mia Frye noticed that the L5s weren’t prepared enough for her taste, the choreographer saw red. “I told them : ‘Listen, even if the production does not give you the budget to maintain your hands and your face, do it yourself’ (…). At one point, I was tired of seeing that the nails were bitten or that the varnish was chipped, she lambasted. The least that can be said is that the members of the L5s not only had to be constantly dressed to the nines, but also had to manage enormous pressure on a daily basis. Louisy Joseph herself was moved during an interview with Tele-Leisure : It was constant pressure to stay on top ! With each album, we were told: “It’s the last girls”. We had to do more and more physical, athletic, worked choreographies… That’s what we ask of pop stars: to be permanently operated! Seven years like this puts a lot of pressure.”

TPMP Peopleto be found in full on the application myCANAL.

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