Muse aux Déferlantes, "it's so much more magic"

Muse aux Déferlantes, “it’s so much more magic”


This is the flagship concert of this 2022 edition of Les Déferlantes. L’Indépendant takes you behind the scenes of the visit of Muse, which will perform at 10:30 p.m. this Sunday evening for the concert event of the new version festival.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 9 a.m., David Garcia is no longer in place. At the other end of the telephone, he has the voice of a kid in a hurry to open his presents placed under the tree one Christmas evening. Except that this time, Santa Claus is him. He makes a few rare phone calls, just to preview what he will make official two hours later: Muse will be the headliner of Les Déferlantes, the festival he has been organizing for 15 years. Each time, he receives the same welcome. Shock, astonishment then emotion. One of the biggest rock groups will be in Céret, at the foot of the Château d’Aubiry, on July 10, 2022.

And July 10 is today! And here is why this concert will mark the history of the festival and perhaps even of the department.

An old frustration

The general public may not know it, but Muse already almost came to Les Déferlantes in 2016 when the festival was still organized in Argelès-sur-Mer. Proposed to Musilac, Garorock, Nîmes and, therefore, to Déferlantes, Muse did not end up making the detour via the Pyrénées-Orientales that year. A question of size essentially, of budget too, but above all of logistics. David Garcia remembers: “If Muse had come that year, it would have been necessary to do an additional date with a single concert like the others did. Technically, it was also impossible because of the arches of Valmy that cannot be dismantled. required doubling the editing time. Because Muse is a show apart. And then, if technically, we had been able to find the parade, we would have set a price around 100 euros for a single evening. It was not not the DNA of the festival”. So Muse stayed away from Valmy to finally come to Aubiry… “Technically, that has nothing to do with it anymore and our challenge was also to make them fit into the classic festival program with a ticket at 65 euros for several concerts. That’s Muse for 5 euros. That’s the DNA of the festival.”

A symbol of dimension change

Muse aux Déferlantes, the year of the move to Céret, in a larger setting more suited to mass concerts, is also a symbol of the change in dimension of the festival. “Because Muse is a group that weighs stadiums that they fill in minutes”. “We’ve never had a group like that, enthuses David Garcia. They only did the biggest festivals in Europe this year with a pyrotechnic and light show that we’ve never had on the festival”.
In addition, Muse news is jostling with titles from the future album to be released at the end of August which are already playing in a loop on the radios. “It’s one of the big bands of the moment. It’s the U2 of the moment. There aren’t many rock bands like that in the world.”

An exceptional show

An exceptional group, exceptional requirements. In its summer tour, Muse carries a rare festival scenography, heavy with 10 tons of material. An element of the scenography even forced the organizers to reinforce the stage. “They also arrive with a 40-meter stage projection that their technical team will install the day before.”
Muse will therefore have a stage almost exclusively dedicated this July 10 to Aubiry.

Why the Déferlantes?

This summer, Muse has only granted three dates to France: the Eurockéennes de Belfort, Beauregard (Normandy) and therefore, the Déferlantes de Céret. For this, it was necessary to convince her agent, Emma Banks, whose catalog is rich with other heavyweights in the sector: Katy Perry, Red Hot Chily Peppers, Arcade Fire, Kylie Minogue… “In France, she works with Alias ​​Production, which knows the festival, our work and the contact has been facilitated”, explains David Garcia.
The fact remains that Muse had stalled its tour and that it was necessary to snatch a last date, after the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid (July 8). “We were on the way back from Madrid, it was our opportunity, we gave it a shot”. And it is “end of September-beginning of October 2021” that Alias ​​Production delivered the verdict of Emma Banks. “They call me and tell me it’s dead, still laments David Garcia. I’m disappointed, defeated. Then they tell me: ‘Nooo, it’s a joke!!'”. Not the best to the taste of David Garcia and his team who still let out loud cries in their offices. “I didn’t really enjoy the joke at the time but very quickly, it was the emotion that spoke. I felt the same when we had Jamiroquoi who is an artist that I adore”.

The explosion

After the announcement, festival organizers say they had a “colossal and immediate return”. “It’s also nice to see the reactions of people locally. It’s also great for the area to have a festival that brings Muse near the house because not everyone can afford the trip to the see in Madrid or Paris. There it is here.”

“Music that carries everything”

Muse in concert, it’s heavy and fat sound, hits, an incredible show and memories full of the head. This is exactly what awaits the Déferlantes this July 10th.
“Musically, as I’m obviously a failed guitarist, that speaks to me, recognizes David Garcia, moreover. I would have liked to have the guitar playing of Matt Bellamy (the leader of the group, editor’s note). guitarist.”
“Not a real fan or hyper specialist of the group”, the boss of Les Déferlantes positions himself in the conflict between purists and late fans of the group: “It’s true that what they did at the start speaks to me more than the rest. like the authenticity of the thing, the hyper dark side with very metal tones”. “But anyway, Muse, it’s real live music that takes so many people away. In addition, they take such good care of the scenography… They have the same evolutionary trajectory as U2 and know how to capture the zeitgeist so that their music continues to speak to people who want to listen to them. They question themselves. They keep what they promise every time”.
And David Garcia to promise precisely “a show that will quickly make the difference with all the others. They will bring this additional magic”.

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