Quebec in the midst of a labor shortage in IT

Quebec in the midst of a labor shortage in IT


The labor shortage in Quebec spares no sector of activity. However, it is all the more present in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). A sector whose growth since 2006 is more than 80%, posting more than 2,800 vacancies by the end of 2021.

Faced with the urgency of the situation, aggravated by the digital shift of many companies during the pandemic, the government intervened. A budget envelope of $19 million was granted for training and the salary subsidy attributable to IT.

Subsidies for hiring and training in ICT

As indicated by Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region, jobs in information technology are at the heart of the Quebec economy.

“The strategic IT sector is one of those deemed to be priorities for ensuring the recovery of the Quebec economy, in particular by accelerating the digital shift of businesses. »

However, Quebec lacks graduates. Companies are therefore invited to apply for the necessary subsidies for the training of their employees in order to retain qualified resources. Additional help is also offered for planning labor needs and for hiring.

To remember

  • The financial assistance granted by the government will help with the training and/or hiring of approximately 4,500 workers.
  • It will add short-term IT training for nearly 500 unemployed people.
  • Through the “We’re looking for people” program, newcomers, women and young people are encouraged to choose a career in the industry.
  • About 900 companies will be able to benefit from the subsidies.

Major challenge for HR: attracting candidates

The portrait of the ICT sector at the end of 2021 gives an idea of ​​the considerable challenge faced by human resources managers.

According to statistics from TECHNOCompétences, the Sectoral Workforce Committee (CSMO) in information and communication technologies, attracting candidates is the major challenge.

This difficulty, although present in large companies, is all the more targeted in SMEs, which have trouble remaining competitive in terms of remuneration. To this is often added the absence of a human resources management service within the company.

Specialized recruitment services for IT such as DELAN allow the search for competent talent, from technicians to executives, qualified and in tune with your corporate culture. They also support the company in establishing a workforce retention and training strategy.

To remember

Although the attraction of candidates represents the first challenge of HR, it is also necessary to put in place a strategy for the retention of talent, the management of personnel performance and the training of the workforce.

Talent retention: Be resourceful and creative

According to Randstad, employee acquisition and retention should be a single goal. Replacement cost on resignation would be double the employee’s salary.

Furthermore, remuneration is not the only factor to be considered. Although part of a winning equation, benefits and well-being are determining factors for workers.

While it is difficult for a Quebec SME to compete with large companies, they are often more inventive when it comes to the work environment and social benefits. Moreover, it has been proven that happy employees are more productive and largely curb absenteeism.

Examples of creative and attractive benefits:

  1. Virtual 5 to 7 with theme and draw for door prizes;
  2. Annual allowance for sports activities;
  3. Flexible, summer or reduced schedule, as desired;
  4. Coffee, fruit and pastries;
  5. Foodtruck on Friday;
  6. Financial assistance for studies;
  7. Additional allowance for training;
  8. Development of personal projects related to the growth of the company;
  9. Preferential rates with partners;
  10. Chair massage;

To remember

For more than 25% of employees, the balance between professional and personal life is of primary importance. Be sure to address this need first when introducing new benefits.

In closing, remember:

  • To help you recruit competent and qualified employees in ICT, it may be a good idea to hire a specialized firm of talent scouts.
  • Family-work balance and well-being have become major factors in attracting and retaining the workforce.

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