relive the live of the victory of the HAC against QRM during the Trophée des Normands

relive the live of the victory of the HAC against QRM during the Trophée des Normands


In order to make you experience the Trophée des Normands UJSF as best as possible, played this Saturday July 9, 2022 behind closed doors between Le Havre AC and Quevilly-Rouen, Paris-Normandy offers you a live commentary of this first friendly match of the summer for both formations.

75th: nice combination between Thiaré and Casimir, who crosses to Ngoura. It is repelled laboriously by Till Cissokho.

70th: Wam succeeds Kumbedi Nséké in the field

: Taïder comes into play and replaces Richardson in the sky and navy, while Kaloga takes the place of Hountondji, the man of the match until then, QRM side. Also, Boulais moved into the Quevillais goal, taking over from Lemaître.

58th: El Khiar hits full axis. Koné goes to bed without difficulty.

57th: PI Ba is already out (injury?). He is replaced by Ngoura.

55th: Mahmoud replaces Wahib, out through injury

To note that Sapphire Taider is warming up and that he should enter, in the second half, on the Le Havre side.

Start of the second half here in Soquence. Many changes in both teams:

On the HAC side: Kone – Kumbedi Nseke, Gomis, Moussadek, Wahib – PI Ba, Kechta, Richardson, Casimir – Thiaré (cap), Gomes.

On the QRM side: Lemaître – Bansais (cap.), Ozée, T. Cissokho, Dekoke – Corenthin, J. Smith – Bangré, El Khiar, Gbeuly – Hountondji.

45th+2: half-time at the technical center of Soquence. The Ciels and Marines finished this first act better, monopolizing the ball, without however worrying Lemaître (1-1).

45th+1: Mafouta pushes the ball into the empty goal, but the assistant referee had raised his flag. The QRM attacker was in an illicit position at the time of the attempt – countered – by Hountondji.

41st: free kick to 25 meters, shifted to the left side, for the HAC. Cornette looks for the right corner of Lemaître, but the ball goes just above the crossbar. Always 1-1.

33rd: Hountondji collapses at the entrance to the Le Havre surface, under the cries of his partners. Mr. Paradis motions to play.

32nd: Kumdebi Nséké overflows on the right side, his cross falls on the head of Cornette, whose attempt is easily captured by Lemaître.

29th: Richardson advances in the heart of the game and tries his luck at 25 meters. His strike is too crushed.

17th: huge opportunity for QRM. And it is still Hountondji who stands out, this time on the right side. The Quevillais striker chooses the flick in front of Gorgelin, but finds the underside of the crossbar.

15th: equalization of the HAC! Mr. Paradis whistles penalty for a handball from Pierret, after an overflow from Cornette. Lekhal takes Lemaître on the wrong foot (1-1).

10th: buffered by Lemaître in an aerial duel, Alioui remains on the ground for long seconds. Before resuming his place at the forefront of the Le Havre attack.

4th: the opener for QRM! A minute after having already called on Gorgelin, Hountondji infiltrates the heart of the Le Havre defense and goes to deceive the HAC goalkeeper by opening his right foot (0-1).

Let’s go to the HAC technical center!

The match will be refereed by Guillaume Paradis, a young official (29) who has already been seen 15 times in Ligue 1 and 10 in Ligue 2.

Here are the team rosters:

At HAC: Gorgelin – Kumbe Sek, Ebonog, Moussadek, Opera – Richardson, Lekhal (cap), Mbemba – Cornette, Alioui, Casimir.

QRM: Lemaître – A. Sissoko, N. Cissé, Diedhiou, Tegar – Boe-Kane (cap), Pierret – Bonnet, Hountondji, Gbelle – Mafouta.

What do Luka Elsner and Olivier Echouafni expect from their (friendly) baptism at the head of their new team? “Winning, right away,” announced the HAC coach, when the QRM coach believes that the result “will mean nothing”.

Welcome to the Le Havre AC training center, next to the Stade Océane. Initially supposed to take place in Pont-Audemer, it is finally here that the Trophée des Normands, 15th of the name, was relocated in an emergency, opposing this year the HAC, regular of the poster, in Quevilly-Rouen, called to replace the Stade Malherbe de Caen. The technical center of the HAC not allowing to welcome the public in number, it is unfortunately behind closed doors that this meeting will take place, first test of the summer for the two formations and great first on the bench for the two coaches, Luka Elsner and Olivier Echouafni, who arrived in Seine-Maritime recently.

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