Cette femme éclate de rire avec son mari, 10 minutes plus tard elle devient veuve à 40 ans

This woman bursts out laughing with her husband, 10 minutes later she becomes a widow at 40

A family in Somerset, England, suffered a terrible tragedy. 10 minutes after a giggle with her husband, Leanne Slaymaker finds herself a widow… A story that shocked internet users. We give you all the details…

The shocking story of Leanne Slaymaker

In August 2018, Leanne and Tom Slaymaker got married. Just four months after finding the love of her life, Leanne lost him in a tragic and unexpected way. Indeed, 10 minutes before he collapsed before her eyes, her husband Tom was laughing out loud with her in the kitchen. ” We woke up on Sunday January 6 and we were laughing and joking ten minutes before“, she said, before continuing” he collapsed and while i was on the phone with paramedics he stopped breathing« .

Source : Capture Facebook

On Sunday, January 6, 2019, while waiting for paramedics to arrive, Leanne Slaymaker tried to rescue her husband by giving him cardiac massage. Once the paramedics arrived at the scene, they performed CPR which lasted another 50 minutes. Indeed, unable to bring Tom back to life, the paramedics immediately announced to Leanne that he was dead. She was flabbergasted to see her “loud, friendly and happy” husband laughing with her 10 minutes before to faint. Tom Slaymaker, who lived in Portishead, Somerset, has died aged 37.

Her husband suddenly died of the flu.

Leanne Slaymaker therefore explained that he and her husband both had contracted the flu during the month of December 2018, reports the Mirror. After being sick for a fortnight, Leanne Slaymaker decided to send Tom to see a doctor. Indeed, the latter found that Tom’s heart rate was “a little fast”. Said there was no reason to worry anyway. The doctor then prescribed steroids, according to Leanne. On January 6, 2019, Tom Slaymaker suddenly lost his life. It turned out that his death was due to ” bronchitis, pneumonia and an enlarged heart, and that his organs had collapsed“, according to the explanations of Leanne Slaymaker.

Leanne Slaymaker: after a giggle, her husband collapses
Source : Capture Facebook

It is therefore very important to consult the doctor in the slightest doubt. Especially today with le COVID-19. Daily cases have increased rapidly in France. We are currently reaching 120,000 cases per day. We fear a 7th wave that would put an end to the summer everyone dreams of. Among them, of vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. He’s more careful to consult your doctor. Especially when you have symptoms that you do not recognize or which persist strangely. It’s easy to put the symptoms aside and ignore them. Any mild illness can turn into something more serious if left untreated. Indeed, Leanne and Tom Slaymaker also didn’t know what was going to happen. May he rest in peace, and our hearts go out to his family and friends.

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