To Italy and beyond / Euro 2022 / Gr. A / France-Italy /

To Italy and beyond / Euro 2022 / Gr. A / France-Italy /


Yippee, let’s go! This Sunday evening (9 p.m.), the French team is finally launching its Euro against Italy and, good news, everyone is ready. The Bleues being logically favorites, it will be necessary to strike a blow from the outset against the outsiders of group D. History to validate the return of confidence.

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Women’s Euro Group D

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Corinne Deacon has something to celebrate, her 23 players will be ready to play against Italy this Sunday at New York Stadium in Rotherham. Including Kadidiatou Diani, even if the Parisian had been left to rest and had not participated in Friday training. “Everyone is fine, mentally and physically” thus dropped the coach, visibly reluctant to go into detail. At the most, she consented to underline “not having felt impatience in the group [au moment de commencer la compétition] neither in training nor outside. On the contrary, I feel a team that is both serene and focused, but who also knows how to laugh when necessary. »

After a long week of waiting, Les Bleues will finally be able to launch their tournament, facing their toughest opponent on paper. Although Corinne Deacon puts “the three teams at the same level” the coach expects “to a fairly tight game. We know the importance of getting the competition off to a good start, and Italy will be keen to do the same as us. » Same story from Captain Wendie Renard: “We know what this team is capable of and it will be up to us to put them in as much trouble as possible from the start of the match. It’s a collective that knows each other by heart, but even if the goal of football remains the same all the time, namely to score goals and win. In club and in selection, these are not the same expectations. »

No matter how hard or soft

No need to go into more detail, we guess that the objective is extremely simple: to win, period. That’s good, victory, the Blues have only known that for fourteen games. “It gives confidence, and it’s always good to start a competitionconfirmed Deacon with a smirk. But for the matches we won this season, we had a very specific objective, here we are starting something else, so we will have to reset the counters to zero. » New York Stadium in Rotherham, which will be home to Les Bleues throughout the group stage (and perhaps in the quarter-finals if they finish first in Group D), should be well stocked, despite a starving contingent of tricolor supporters: approximately 450, according to information from The Team. Which isn’t much, even in a 12,000-seat stadium.

On this subject, Wendie Renard made a point of specifying that, contrary to the Icelandic Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir, the French women do not take offense beyond measure of the capacity of their English garden. Because here too, it is not the size that counts: “That’s how it is, we didn’t choose the stadiums and we would obviously have liked to have had a little more capacity, but the most important thing is to see them filled. Afterwards, the most important thing for us is the pitch. Once we have seen our loved ones, we enter our competition and ignore the rest. » Except winning, of course. But that, we will understand.

Sara Gama, the alpha of the Squadra

By Julien Duez, in Rotherham

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