Tour de France - 9th stage - Thibaut Pinot, the best arrives: "We will find great Thibaut"

Tour de France – 9th stage – Thibaut Pinot, the best arrives: “We will find great Thibaut”


Thibaut Pinot has the art and the way of awakening things in us. This relationship he has to suffering, to victory, to failure, to beauty, all at the same time, is no stranger to the immense popularity, even love, which is his. . When he stands on the pedals, something happens. We had to wait a big week of Tour to see him come out of his box, a little late according to him. On two counts, moreover. He would have liked it to be at La Planche des Belles Filles and wanted to trust himself more to start chasing Bob Jungels earlier this Sunday.

It was not Prat d’Albis 2019, not even a pale copy but the story will remember that Pinot placed two banderillas to get rid of Uran, Castroviejo and Verona to become the ultimate Jungels hunter. There were just over 18 kilometers left, including eight of ascent in the Pas de Morgins. When the Groupama-FDJ climber passed the second, the stopwatch showed a little over a minute and forty seconds behind Bob Jungels. Too much to hope to catch up with a Luxembourger who already had nearly 50 terminals alone in his legs? At valiant heart nothing impossible.

Tour de France

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The summary of the 9th stage: Pinot believed in it but Jungels was stronger

Pinot and the emotional lift

Mouth wide open, gaze fixed on the horizon seeming to seek his opponent to stall him in his sights, Pinot gave a lot, without success since he tipped over at the top 20 seconds from his prey. “It’s frustrating. To do the race again, it’s sure that there would be a lot of things that I would changeconfessed Pinot at the microphone of Eurosport. It’s racing, Jungels was very strong and in the end, I wasn’t that bad. If I had known before that I was good enough, I would have started the pass earlier. With ifs…”.

In twenty-four hours, Pinot experienced the pain of a fall and a punch in the face, the joy of finally feeling legs at the level of his ambitions, and the regret that it was not enough. The emotional lift, always, even if he claims that his misadventure on Saturday was quickly forgotten. He was aiming for stage victory and the ninth, the first in the Alps, seemed destined for the breakaways, so Pinot slipped into the group of the day. Probably because his body told him to. And even if the course could have been more to his advantage.

Jungels resists the return of Pinot: relive the arrival of the 9th stage

It was a fight, a beautiful fight at a distance. It’s true that I believed in it but it lacked a few percentages for my qualities as a climberhe regrets. It would have made it possible to close the gap more quickly, to take him back or to be with him on the summit.“With twenty seconds of disbursement when crossing the pass, Pinot had understood. The top of it had already enabled him to understand that Jungels took time from him as soon as the slope was less steep. “Closing two minutes takes a lot of effort and I missed it at the end“, he completes.

I hope the Alps will be another opportunity for Pinot, I really hope…

Two days ago, Thibaut Pinot had these words for his audience: “They were up to it, not me“. The Franc-Comtois had missed the meeting with the Planche des Belles Filles. On time at that of the Alps on Sunday, he distributed hope in bars. Within the Groupama-FDJ to start. “We will soon find great Thibautsmiles David Gaudu. I mostly think he still has remnants of Covid. To see him at this level is already not bad. We know what it is capable of once it is launched. On the Tour of the Alps, he failed on a breakaway and the next day he won so I think he will be revengeful.”

I hope the Alps will be another opportunity for Pinotadvances Marc Madiot. I really hope…” More than anyone, the manager of Groupama-FDJ wishes his colt to regain victory. Elsewhere it has already been done but on the Tour it would obviously be different. For his prestige but also for the tormented history that Pinot keeps up with the biggest race in the world.

Elected the most combative runner of the day, Thibaut Pinot returned to the ceremonial podium for the first time in three years and his success at the Tourmalet. “Getting on the podium means a lothe appreciates. It’s a prize, fighting spirit, that suits me well. After the most beautiful remains the stage victory.” If you doubted it, yes the tricolor is thinking of this bouquet: “It was the first day of the Tour where I felt more or less well so it gives me ideas for the future.” Distribution of hope we tell you.

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Tour de France

Pinot: “I’m happy to regain some feeling and to have the legs to fight”


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