what happens to the Gryffin family?

what happens to the Gryffin family?


Revealed in the second season of Large families: life in XXL, the Gryffon family remains one of the most emblematic of TF1’s docu-reality. And if Jenny and Damien left the program after the birth of their first son, they have not been idle for all that. Find out what happened to their tribe!

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As with each new season, the program dedicated to Large families on TF1 welcomes new tribes. During season 2, it was the Gryffons who entered the program. And the daily life of Jenny and Damien had not failed to captivate viewers! Like his comrade Alexandre Jeanson, Damien Gryffon is also a career soldier. His status had forced him to leave his native south to settle in Brest, in Brittany. A radical change in climate and environment which, on paper, did not really make the charming family dream… Loaded with a priori before their move, the members of the clan had finally very quickly adopted the region: “The weather isn’t that bad and the people are great, I’m already in love with the area“, had confided Jenny, the mother, in the pages of the newspaper News, Brest side. The one whose professional blogging activity has continued to grow since her participation in the program, has also reserved a big surprise for her fans…

The Gryffin family is growing

By integrating the show, the Gryffons were about to experience several upheavals. In addition to their move to Brittany, the parents of four princesses were expecting their first boy. Born on November 15, 2020, Gabriel came to lend a hand to his dad who was until then surrounded by girls! And Jenny’s 228,000 subscribers on Instagram have since continued to rave about the little boy’s face. And on Jenny’s side, nothing has really changed. Finally, with a few details… Very active on Instagram, the now mother of five children has become a real influencer specializing in content “lifestyle, tips and recipes“. Because yes, Madame Gryffon’s great passion, after her children, is cooking!

Jenny Gryffon: blogger, influencer and much more…

Since December 2019, Jenny has started her own business. In an interview with the newspaper News, Brest sidethe mother detailed her activity: “I share my daily life on Instagram. I put at least one menu per week on the blog with my tips and tricks. Once a week, I also have a tea party with the people who follow me. I try to offer accessible, effective, inexpensive recipes with a wow effect.“And in September, the blogger will release her first cookbook at a lower cost! We are already licking our chops…

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