why will there be no more new episodes of the series with Francis Perrin?

why will there be no more new episodes of the series with Francis Perrin?


Two episodes of the detective series Mongeville, carried by Francis Perrin, are rebroadcast on France 3 this Saturday, July 9. But why will there be no more new episodes?

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This Saturday, July 9, viewers of France 3 will be able to discover or rediscover two episodes of detective fiction Mongevilleworn by the actor Francis Perrinwho embodies a retired judge. The ball of tartuffes et smoke screentwo episodes of season 1 of the saga will be rebroadcast on the channel of the France Télévisions group. The previous week, the channel had already decided to rebroadcast old episodes of the series. According to Médiamétrie, the program then brought together 3.26 million viewers, or 20.7% of the public. A very good score which confirms the ever so obvious success of Mongevillewhich was broadcast in 2013 on France 3. However, despite great audiences, fans of the show will have to face the facts: they will not be able to discover no new episodes centered on the adventures of judge Antoine Mongeville.

Series Mongeville stopped on France 3 after eight years of broadcasting

But why ? Quite simply because in March 2021, Anne Holmèsthe director of fiction at France Télévisions, announced the final end of the series after eight years of broadcasting on France 3. A real twist. “The problem of the fiction of France 3, it is a problem of rich person”, she said to justify her decision. “We have too many things working. But, at some point, if we don’t launch new fictions, we will purr (…). To launch new products, you need space. There are only 52 Saturdays a year, I am therefore obliged to stop series that are ten years old, even if they are a hit.” A news that angered fans, who subsequently launched a petition against this sudden stop.

The anger of Francis Perrin

Naturally stunned after learning the news, Francis Perrin first castigated the decision of France Télévisions. “It’s too bad. I feel like I was punished for doing a good job, for being successful (…). This proves that all these people who are in offices have absolutely no regard for the public“, he lamented. In an interview with Tele-Leisurethe acolyte of Gaëlle Bona criticized the behavior of the television group, which did not “didn’t even text” to let him know of their decision.We are just products, that we put back in the closet when we no longer want it, he regretted. However, after the very last episode of the series, in which the son of Francis Perrin also played, was broadcast on November 27, 2021 on France 3, the actor of tomorrow belongs to us assured that he did not want France Télévisions, and that he left the door open to a possible return on one of the group’s channels: “If it is offered to me, with pleasure. But I don’t know if it will be offered to me. We’ll see.”

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