Beauregard Festival: after the shortened show of PNL, Feu!  Chatterton, - M - and Sum 41 electrify last night

Beauregard Festival: after the shortened show of PNL, Feu! Chatterton, – M – and Sum 41 electrify last night


M paid homage to David Bowie by covering Life on Mars, accompanied by the bassist of the English dandy. ©Mathieu GIRARD

During the five days that the festival Beauregard in Hérouville Saint-Clair, near Caen (Calvados), the editorial staff of Liberté is mobilizing to make you experience the event as closely as possible. Photos, anecdotes, concert reports… The journalists are mobilized until the end of the night.

For this 5e and last day, this Sunday July 10, 2022, Mathieu Chedid, PNL and Martin Solveig are notably on the program.

23h. It’s time for the Canadians of Sum 41 to take over the John stage, and for the Liberté team to say goodbye, and thank you for following us for five days. Martin Solveig will close the festival, while we drink a beer!

22h56. Big, big, M show! The audience loved it!

M electrified the public of Baeuregard, for the last day of edition 22, Sunday July 10.
M electrified the public of Baeuregard, for the last day of edition 22, Sunday July 10. ©Mathieu GIRARD

22h51. Well, well, finally, M leaves for one last… He passes In your radio.

22h49. A grand finale for M!

22h45. During his guitar solo, M descends into the clearing to share with the Beauregard audience. A real communion between the artist and his fans! New tribute to Jimi, playing with the teeth!

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22h40. It is time for the public of Beauregard to say “M”.

22h31. Coming soon, the Canadians of Sum 41. If you are not present on the site, you can follow their show, broadcast live on Arte.

22h27. It’s time for male chauvinist !

22h09. Mathieu Chedid offers the public of Beauregard a rather… particular lullaby, written by his father Louis Chedid when he was a child.

21h54. Accompanied by David Bowie’s bassist, M resumes Life on Mars, from the English dandy.

21h42. She is the one who vocalizes nicely to introduce the song sensual wave.

21h37. Mathieu Chedid continues on Which of us. Remember that the son of Louis Chedid has at his side a musician of choice, in a long red dress and shaved head: Gail Ann Dorsey, bassist for David Bowie.

21h32. Fire! Chatterton salutes again, as the first Hendrix riffs ring out and -M- sings “Dream”.

21h30. Fire! Chatterton has fun stretching La Malinche. The audience shouts and grows impatient on the other side, in front of the big Beauregard stage, waiting for -M-. More than 5 minutes late on the festival program if settled. Thanks NLP.

21h13. Fire! Chatterton, one of the last heralds of rock with hovering texts in France. This is confirmed with long versions, director’s cut, of Libreahead of the highly anticipated new world et The Malinche.

injured spectator Beauregard festival
This resident of Hérouville-Saint-Clair was not going to miss the Beauregard festival, even with a broken ankle. ©Gregory Maucorps

21h09. Festival-goer in Beauregard, Charlotte broke her ankle just a month ago. In a wheelchair, this 37-year-old resident of Hérouville-Saint-Clair absolutely wanted to return to the Beauregard Festival this year. A regular at the festival for the last five editions, she came with Nicolas, Marie and Lucie for the five days. “I come every year, I like the diversity of programming and there is always atmosphere,” she slips.

This is his first in a wheelchair.

It’s more difficult, but people are careful. Fortunately, I am accompanied, otherwise it would be complicated. I went to the PMR stage (persons with reduced mobility), you can see well, but the atmosphere is sad. I prefer to be in the crowd. Even if I see less well, I’m in the mood.

Her favorites in 2022: Izia, Juliette Armanet, Muse, Clara Luciani or Orelsan.

20h59. Arthur Teboul harangues the crowd to open and wiggle on Death in the Pinewood.

20h55. Two days ago, Fire! Chatterton was in Aix-les-Bains for the Musilac festival. Already the same evening as Sum 41the Canadian punk band, which follows him this Sunday, July 10 on the John stage.

Public Feu! Chatterton festival Beauregard
Total Screen transports the public a little more in front of Fire! Chatterton. ©Mathieu Girard

20h46. the pipe Full screen, produced by Arnaud Rebotini on the group’s latest album, stirs the front rows a little more. To the sound of “My love for you / On what foot to dance it. »

Feu! Chatterton festival Beauregard
Arthur Teboul and Fire! Chatterton took over from PNL, on the John stage. ©Mathieu Girard

20h38. Sequence of emotion and progressive rise in tension with the singer Arthur Teboul in recital, fine mustache and sometimes raised fist.

20h28. Fire! Chatterton makes a smooth entry into Companions. And it’s already taken up in chorus by a crowd of quadras. The younger ones got stuck on PNL…

20h04. As PNL continues its concert, we offer you an interview with the group Feu! Chartterton performing in 15 minutes at Beauregard on the John stage.

19h56. The public takes over the PNL songs one after the other. To the great pleasure of the two brothers Ademo and NOS “Thank you very much, it’s intense. It’s fire, it’s amazing. We love you, you are strong, ”slips the duo.

The PNL duo delighted their fans at the Beauregard Festival, this Sunday, July 10, 2022. ©Mathieu Girard

19h37. PNL finally goes on stage. No excuse for the delay, normal. Fans of the group are still delighted and sing along to the duo’s first song.

19h34. Spectators whistle in front of the Beauregard stage. Still no NLP on stage. Their concert was supposed to start 19 minutes ago!

19h27. Meanwhile, the Magic Beau Gosse, honored last night during a memorable concert of Orelsan in Beauregard, continues to fill up!

19h25. The PNL group is waiting on the Beauregard stage. Already 10 minutes late.

19h01. The public goes to the Beauregard stage to attend the concert of PNL, the duo from the city of Tarterêts.

18h40. Bassist Jessie Chaton catches the eye of all festival-goers! General Elektriks continues its set.

General Electric
General Elektriks is the fourth group to perform at the Beauregard festival on this 5th day. ©Mathieu Girard

6:18 p.m. General Elektriks is the 4th group of the day to go on stage at the Beauregard festival. A tie for the singer and a group dressed all in white, make way for the electro funk of Hervé Salters and Jessie Chaton.

General Electric
General Elektriks, the group did not go unnoticed on Beauregard’s last day. ©Mathieu Girard

17h22. The Nantes duo Ko Ko Mo, who replaced the defection of Other Lives at short notice in the home stretch, set the mood under the Normandy sun.

Ko Ko Mo Beauregard
The Ko Ko Mo group at the Beauregard Festival this Sunday, July 10, 2022. ©Mathieu Girard

15h20. Let’s go for Day 5 of the festival! The doors opened at 3 p.m. and You said strange got the ball rolling at 3:20 p.m. on the Beauregard stage. Nine groups on the day’s program. To be continued: Lewis Ofman, Ko ko mo, General Elektriks, PNL, Feu!Chatterton, Mathieu Chedid, Sum 41 and Martin Solveig to conclude this 12th Beauregard festival.

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